Knowledge Given - Knowledge Surpressed  

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12/20/2005 9:31 am

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Knowledge Given - Knowledge Surpressed

There are beliefs among some religions which say that when a soul is created it is taught all of the wisdom and knowledge of the world. That we are given the knowledge of the angels and taught to understand the nature of all things, our purpose and some might say our destinies. This knowledge is then surpressed from our memories.

The angel presses its fineger to our upper lip and quiets us, and in stillness and dream we are brought forth into this world of suffering and pain. If only we were to remember what we had been taught then we would no longer struggle, no longer resist the ways of the world and accept it for the perfection which it is. Perfect in its design, perfect in its freedom of will. That within this world we are Gods ourselves.

Free to make of our lives what we will,
Free to be happy with what we have,
Free to dream and strive for more,
Free to help or hinder others as we choose,
Free to make peace with our lives,
Free to struggle and resist the world,
Free to enjoy what what we will.

Physically we are no greater or less than the animals that walk the earth with us. Each feels, feeds, sleeps, procreates and dies as does every man, woman and child.
Man alone struggles.
Man alone seeks meaning.
Man alone questions why.

yet in the end we already know the answer. Some of us remember. Some refuse the answer they already know to be true. Admit it, when you stop thinking and just be still - you already know the truth...

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