The Bet...... Part Two  

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4/19/2005 8:37 pm

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The Bet...... Part Two

He rolled over onto his stomach and asked her to give him a massage, she grabbed some oil, straddled his body and proceeded to give him a massage, working her hands over his muscular body down to his butt. She playfully bit his ass as she massaged his ass cheeks, exploring his body she traced a path with her mouth and tongue followed by her hands. She ran her tongue down his crack as she rubbed the back of his thighs working her way lower stopping to taste and lick as she continued down his legs to his feet, taking one of his toes into her mouth and sucking on it.

She hoped he was ready for another round because sucking on his cock and running her hands over his muscular body had her very turned on, her pussy was wet and wanted to be filled. Rolling over he grabbed her by the waist flipping her onto her back he slowly rubbed his dick head up and down her wet slit, she wanted him to fill her aching pussy, she reached down and arched her body to try to put his cock into her wanting body but he was the one in control, he asked her what she wanted, she told him she wanted his cock fucking her pussy. As he slowly filled her, she moaned her pleasure, he knew she wanted it fast and hard but he wanted her to beg him so he continued to torment her with long slow strokes, she tried clamping her legs around him and thrusting her hips up to get him to go faster but it didn't work.

The slow torture was getting her hotter, she would let out a low moan every time he buried his thick cock into her wet box and again when he slowly withdrew, her body was on fire and with his slow methodical fucking she could feel the orgasm building. Grasping his ass with her hands she tried to make him move faster by pulling him towards her as she licked and nibbled on his nipples, moaning in frustration when he didn't move any faster. "Please" she said, moaning she begged him "please fuck me hard and fast", with the next stroke he gave her what she wanted, pounding his cock into her cunt fast and hard. It didn't take long for his hard pounding of her box to send her over the edge, her pussy clenching at his cock as she came, he continued his assault on her now sensitive box, her fingers clenched his arms, her back arching as she moaned she was cumming again, with a few final strokes he pulled his cock out of her still pulsing pussy spraying her stomach with his thick hot cum, she ran a finger over her stomach, bringing it to her mouth sucking his cum off her finger before cleaning herself off with a towel.

She must have fallen asleep for awhile. While she was napping he tied her by the wrists to the bed, taking an ice cube he traced a path around her nipples waking her up, she realized she was bound and wondered what was next. He then blindfolded her, he again started tracing a path around her nipples followed by his tongue, he lightly bit them causing her to moan. He continued his path with the ice cube and his mouth down her stomach swirling it around her navel before going further south along her inner thighs, laying between her legs he traced the ice cube along her outer lips then moving it up and down her moist slit, dipping it into her wet pussy every few strokes with his tongue following the same path. As his tongue worked its magic on her pussy he moved the ice cube to her clit, circling it, teasing it, when his hot tongue took the place of the ice, her hips jerked up off the bed from the sensation, this gave him better access to her box so he placed some pillows under her to keep her in that position.

He continued alternating between the ice and his tongue on her clit for a while then he just used the ice as his tongue moved up and down her slit then dipping into her cunt every few strokes just when she thought she couldn't take the cold anymore he fastened his mouth over her clit sucking on it then flicking his tongue back and forth over it while moving the ice down to circle around her pussy then continuing down to her backdoor, he rubbed the ice all around her asshole before inserting the melting cube into her puckered hole. His tongue now traced the same path the ice had made to her backdoor, as he used his tongue to rim her, he inserted the tip of his finger into her pussy moving it slowly around as she moaned and moved her hips wanting more. His tongue came back to her box taking the place of his finger, then she felt him rub some lube around her backdoor before he started to insert something into her ass, as he slowly pushed the anal toy into her he again used his mouth and tongue on her clit, until it was all the way in. He pulled the pillows out from under her so she was again laying flat on the bed, he got up from the bed, she didn't know where he had gone because she was still blindfolded. She wanted him to come back and finish what he had started. She called his name but he didn't answer.

To be continued tomorrow

Zoom968 51M
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4/21/2005 7:43 pm

I'd love to win a bet with you so we could get it on like that. Great writing! I want to go get a bowl of ice and grab my wife right now. Hurry up with part 3!

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