Sweet Hitch Hiker  

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Sweet Hitch Hiker

Waves of heat rippled on the road ahead. Nothing but miles and miles of flat land before me, I knew it would be dull out here in the plains, but this was beyond the pale. And me trying to get across the country in a week. Well at least The Rockies were behind me now.

All the crap in the trailer and in back of the pickup made for careful driving. 65 was it, after that thing wobbled a bit.

Up ahead, I could see a lone figure walking down the road, the universal symbol asking for a ride, extended.

I slowed down to see what sort of person.

"Omaha?" she asked after I stopped on the shoulder.

"I pass near there, get in if you want".


She sat down in the passenger seat, and looked for a place for her bag. She was in her early twenties, thin but not starving. Her clothes were well worn, but not ragged.

We chatted for a while. I explained that I was driving to Iowa to drop off some things for my step daughter at Iowa State. She was headed to Omaha to find a job and to be with friends. Life in rural America did not suit her.

After a few silences in the conversation, I put on some music and she leaned back on the seat to nap. Being a male I stole a few glances at her sleeping body. It was hard to tell given the clothing she worn, what was beneath, but from what I could see, she could be a looker.

Ah you dirty old man, I thought to myself. It's on the way, she seems to be pleasant company. Relax and enjoy what comes of it.

She woke with a start when I pulled into the rest stop.

"Rest stop break, need to lose the Starbucks", I commented.

"Oh good I can get changed into something else" she replied.

She grabbed her bag and made her way over to the ladies restroom.

I got out and headed to the gent's for a good long pee. Sometimes a good long pee is almost as good as sex. Almost.

When I got back, she was nowhere to be found, I waited a few minutes and then got back into the truck. after about 10 more minutes I decided that she had switched rides or bailed out on me. Either way I was not going to worry too much. I started the truck and began to pull out when I saw her dash across the lawn from the ladies room.

"You weren't going to leave, were you?" she asked, getting back in.

"It had been a while..."

"Worth the wait maybe?" "Well now I see you decided to get comfortable."

She smiled back at me.

She had changed out of the shapeless sweat pants she was wearing into some shorts, and I do mean short shorts. This displayed a pair of very long smooth tanned legs. The baggy sweatshirt she was wearing had been replaced by a short crop top and beneath lurked a sports bra. A flat bejeweled tummy was revealed to the warm morning sun.

In the few moments it took to get up to freeway speed, she managed to situate herself in such a way a s to take full advantage of the morning sun. She had leaned the seat back and had placed her feet on the dashboard, opening her legs to the warmth of the sun. A bottle of lotion had appeared in her hands and she began to apply it to her legs. I had to take this all in as I was driving down the interstate at 65 miles an hour, in quick glances. But it looked good from where I was sitting. She sure could work it. From her inner thighs, up near the crotch of her shorts, down the smooth surface to her knees, across her calves and then to her ankles and feet - then back again. Almost wanted to pull over and watch uninterrupted this display.

"You know that's kind of a distraction."

"Is it now, you should be watching the road."

"As well I should but you're making it very hard to do that."

"Is that all I'm making hard?"

She seemed rather forward.

"If other things are getting hard, is there something your going to do about it?"

At this point she unbuttoned her shorts and slowly began to slide them down her thighs. Beneath her shorts she revealed nothing but what nature gave her. Shaved smooth and close. She then removed her crop top and slid out of her bra. Revealing a small, but very well proportioned set of tanned breasts with rather long, by my experience, nipples. What had entered my pickup an hour ago had performed a rather extreme transformation. The lotion continued to be applied to the rest of her body, with a knowing touch, gentle caress and a certain wickedness. Needless to say I was rather distracted.



A long haul trucker was behind me and to my right. And I was drifting into his lane. Remember dear reader I'm still driving here. Being of a wicked mind I slowed slightly to allow the truck to pull to the right side of my pickup.

She went on with her lotion application. It's amazing, some people seems to believe that they are invisible once inside an automobile.

The air horns blasted the trucker's aproval

She laughed and looked at me, "You asshole! "

"Hey, you started it."

She rolled slightly to the right to give the driver a better view. I couldn't see him, nor did I really want to. But she could. for about 5 miles or so, we clogged up both lanes of the eastbound highway, while she played with herself to her satisfaction, and perhaps the truck drivers, but I'll never know that.

Her orgasm was a subtle affair, Some moaning and pressing her hips forward. No screaming or thrashing about. Once she was done, she moved back to face forward and closed her eyes, as if to rest. I sped up and left the trucker behind me.

After a while I got used to this naked body napping beside me. I almost forgot to tell her that I was going to stop for gas.

"Hey, sleeping beauty"

"What", she mumbled.

"You might want to put something on or cover yourself, I'm stopping for gas."

"Uh, ok."

She turned around to reach into her bag for something and that gave me the first look and her bum. Looked pretty damned good to me, very touchable and maybe even worth a caress or two.

She found her sweat shirt and laid back down with it over her body and closed her eyes.

I filled up, bent over and took the pricing like a man. Nice to see no real price gouging in America.

I walked back out to the the truck to see her out of the truck, washing the the windows.


Damn her, we're going to get in trouble if she's not careful. No one at the station seemed to mind, except for the older couple that had just pulled in. And I think his wife was the one who was upset. He just looked amused.

"You're quite the exhibitionist.", I remarked, pulling onto the freeway.

"It's my body, and I'll share it as I like.", she replied, sounding petulant.

"It's not like I'm objecting."


She had thrown the sweatshirt on the floor in front of her, and settled back into the her sun worshipping pose.

After a while she seemed to drift off into sleep again.

Temptation got a hold of me and my right hand began to cross the seat towards her sleeping form.

A soft touch on her arm by my fingertips.

No reaction.

Slowly up and down her forearm. The only reaction I could see was the reaction to my touch from her skin.

Now her shoulder, she moved, rolling towards me slightly.

I caressed her cheek. Her lips parted slightly, At this point I knew she was not asleep, rather playing the game. I indulged her.

My finger tips traced around her lips. and she seemed to seek them. First she took one in her mouth, sucking on it gently, then two. With just a hint of her teeth, she demonstrated her oral skills on my fingers. Then, still with her eyes closed, she guided my fingers in a wet line down her neck to her breasts, inviting me to touch her breast and squeeze it, I peeked over at her and I could see she was twisting her other nipple and squeezing her breast hard, I could see marks on her skin from her own touch. I gave her nipple a tweak and her flinched, a small yelp escaped her lips.

She then guided my hand down to her thigh. Moving her hips over a bit, putting her sex within reach of my fingers. I could feel the heat of her on my finger tips, and I touched her sex, at first unsure of myself, then becoming more confidant as she writhed under my touch. Finally she guided my hand to the center of her pleasure spot, pushing my finger inside of her. I withdrew for a moment to taste her on my fingers. She taste feminine, and of desire and of lust.

It was at this point I decided that I was done for the day. I wanted a hotel and I wanted her. Not necessarily in that order.

I played with her sex for a while, keeping her in a constant state of arousal, until I saw a side road that passed in the shadow of an overpass. Swinging onto the side road, I stopped under the overpass, and got out, and ran around to the other side of the truck, open the door and then opened her legs, putting them over my shoulders. She laid back on the seat, and allowed me to taste what my finger had been touching.

Slowly I kissed, licked and nibbled down her thighs until I found her bald sex, open, pink and waiting for my tongue. Her hands found my head and pressed it to her crotch. She wanted a tongue fucking. And who was I to deny her.


My ears were still ringing from her cries of pleasure when we located a motel room. By now she had dressed - somewhat.

Once in the room, I decided to take a shower and get myself cleaned up. Once I was in she shed all her clothes and joined me. But only long enough to arouse me and, for her to lather up and rinse off. She exited the shower quickly, much to my dismay.

I emerged to find her in the room wearing only a modestly oversized sweat shirt and not much else.

She bent to open her pack and began rooting around inside. Nothing on below. Her exposure was total, revealing her sex between her thighs. as if just asking to be taken.

"You know, That's a fairly inviting posture you've taken..."

"Oh?, she replied, peeking back at me, "oh I'm sorry..."

"Don't be, but don't expect every guy to be so restrained either. Most would take it as an invitation. I'm just enjoying the view."

My cock began to rise and became noticeable behind the towel. I chose to let her know of my condition in a very male manner, a slow towel snap to the back side. Which got a response.


"Not my chosen target..."

By now I was on the bed and grinning at her.

She turned to reply and stopped with her mouth open.

"Oh I love uncut ones!"

She gazed at me hardening member, and then joined me on the bed, her lips still parted. Our lips touched, for the first time today, and then she did what all women can do, take complete control of a man with a simple act. Well perhaps it's not simple, but none the less, the feeling of her lips as they enveloped my cock was exquisite...


I awoke the next morning to find myself alone in the hotel room, and a note left under the phone. Funny I thought, the girl is the one who gets these sorts of things. I stared at the note for a while and then reached for it. Ow! Damn I knew that was going to hurt. Dare I say - almost too much sex.

"As you can no doubt guess by now I'm a bit flakey, but hey it's who I am. I woke up early and realized I wanted to get going. And I guess I wanted to be alone. Any way I wanted to say thanks 4 the ride and thanks 4 the grub and the bed. I'm glad we hooked up. - Katie"

That was her name, Katie. Well that was that I suppose.

I packed up my debris and gave the room a once over. I seemed to have everything and other than the evidence of the sex the night before, I was not leaving anything behind.

I got some breakfast from the lobby. Rolls, hard boiled eggs, juice and coffee.

Once I settled into the pickup and got my stuff set, coffee, snack etc., I made for the highway and began to pick up speed.

Up ahead, I could see a lone figure walking down the road, the universal symbol asking for a ride, extended...

The End

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