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Erotic Encounter

I was in a restaurant waiting for some friends, when out of the corner of my eye I spotted you, just sitting there watching the world.

I was immediately attracted to your looks, the long hair, the deep blue eyes and the tight jeans.

It crossed my mind that whoever you were waiting for was indeed a lucky woman, you oozed sexuality!

I took a sip of my water, and looked at my watch, still ages to wait, my shoes were pinching so I slid them off, and as I glanced in your direction again I saw you smile, and then look at my feet, - you saw me take off my shoes!

Our eyes met, and you ran your tongue over your top lip, a jolt of pure lust ran through my body and my nipples began to harden. I could not believe that simple act on your part could cause the sensations now running riot through my body.

I shakily picked up my glass and took another sip of water, still watching you - you leaned back against the wall and casually ran your hand over the front of your jeans, smiling at me, knowing the effect you were having on me.

My juices were beginning to make the crotch of my panties wet and I started to squirm in my seat, wanting so much to touch myself, but knowing that it was almost impossible. My shin touched the leg of the table and I suddenly had an idea - quite slowly, I moved the table so that the leg was between my own, and then I positioned myself so that I could feel the hard wood up against my pussy.

Watching you, I began to slowly grind myself against the table leg, my skirt was riding up and from where you sat you caught a glimpse of my thigh, you smiled in amusement and touched the bulge in your jeans again.

I was so horny, I didn't really know what I was doing, just that I had to do something- I clenched my cunt muscles back and forth as I rubbed against the leg, watching your face as you watched me.

My nipples were hard and my movements caused the fabric of my shirt to rub against them, the friction felt really nice, I wanted to move faster, and wanted so much to touch myself but it was so busy there.

I was frantic to cum, moving so slowly was erotic and making it more intense but I knew what I needed, and wondered if I dare do it....

After a few more minutes I couldn't take anymore, so I thought to myself, its now or never, I slipped my shoes back on and stood up, my legs rubbery, my body screaming for release, I walked over and smiled at you, then as I began some small talk, I rubbed my clit against the corner of your table and clenched my muscles back and forth. You sat there, still amused at my antics, but obviously turned on by them - the bulge in your pants was huge. I licked my lips and looked into your eyes, and I came right there, I had not touched my body once, and it was such an intense orgasm, my legs almost gave way.

for a moment or two I just stood, head down , recovering, then with a cheeky grin I walked back to my table and sat down, just as my friends walked in.

Your date also arrived then, and though you were paying her attention, I knew your eyes were on me alot of the time. I was listening to my friends telling me of their latest antics when I saw you get up to leave, I felt a bit sad, but consoled myself that it was fun, and turned my attention back to the conversation.

The waiter came over and tapped my shoulder "Excuse me Madam, I was asked to give you this" he said offering me a slip of paper. I murmured my thanks and shoved it into my bag, fending off questions from the others, and knowing full well it was a message from you.

Alone in my car, I took the paper out of my bag, there was a room number and the name of a hotel - no phone number and no name.

"Tempting fate," I told myself, "It would be madness to go there, you dont even know him........................"

But I couldnt shake that image of you from my mind, and as I drew up to the kerb outside the hotel, I knew that my life would never be the same again.

I found the right floor, 'Executive Suites' it said, and found the room number.

I knocked, and waited, just as I almost lost my nerve, the door opened and there you stood, smiling, "I knew you would come," you said as you led me into the room.

You turned and enfolded me into your arms, your lips came down on mine, and your tongue insistently invaded my mouth.

I melted and let you lead the way, your fingers entwined in my hair, holding me still, your other hand roaming over my back and down, pulling me even closer.

I ran my hands over your chest, feeling your heat through the shirt, and began to undo the buttons wanting to touch your skin, wanting to feel your naked body against mine.

You undid my shirt and pushed it back then my bra went the same way, now we were naked from the waist up, your fingers found my nipples and left a burning trail over my breasts, I was on fire, again my panties were soaking wet, and I could feel you through your jeans, my hand slipped down between us to cup your cock through the fabric, and I rubbed it gently, knowing that it would drive you crazy.

We still had not uttered more than that initial greeting, you looked into my eyes and taking my hand, said "Come and let me pleasure you," and you led me to the big chair in the centre of the room.

My clothes were gone, somehow you had done that without me realising.

You pushed me down and then lifted my legs and placed them one on each arm.

I was there, naked and spread wide for you, you took my hands and gently pushed them to the sides, "See if you can keep them there," you said, "And close your eyes so you just feel."

For some reason I trusted you so I did as you asked.

I heard clothing rustling and presumed you were undressing, suddenly your tongue touched my earlobe and then you left a trail of kisses down and around my neck all over my face, my ears, my arms, my belly, my fingers, you took my nipples one at a time into your mouth and sucked them gently to hardness, then you moved down lower.

I held my breath waiting to feel your tongue - then you barely grazed the top of my clit with it, I exploded in an orgasm so intense I almost passed out.

As my senses returned I could feel your tongue lapping at my pussy licking my juices up, probing deep inside me, it felt so amazing and I was building for another climax, it was approaching at record speed and I couldnt keep still, I was straining my body towards you.

Suddenly you stopped, and I opened my eyes, you smiled and helped me up and led me across the room.

We settled on the bed, and again you started that burning trail over my skin with your tongue and your fingers.

I was on fire, "I need you to fuck me please" I whispered to you,

"No" you said, "This is not fucking, this is making love" and you spread my legs and slid between them your mouth connecting with my pussy lips, tasting me, my juices flowing freely as I shuddered through my climax, crying out in sheer pleasure.

You moved up then and I felt your cock sliding into me, filling me completely, I wrapped my legs around you as you began to move inside me, thrusting harder as you found the rhythm, our eyes met, desire showing plainly in our faces, we kissed, our tongues dancing, you ran your fingers through my hair, I wound my arms around your neck, we moved together perfectly more urgently now, faster and faster, bodies slapping together,moaning from me, gasping from you.

"Cum with me baby" you panted, "Im ready to fill you up."

It was all I needed, I was on the edge, trying to control it, and as I felt your cock stiffen and jerk inside me, I let go, my orgasm overtaking me, feeling your juices spurting into me, as you groaned, and collapsed on top of me.

We fell asleep, snuggled together like that, still having not said a word to each other................

The next morning I awoke alone in the bed, a sheet of paper wrapped around a single red rose on the pillow next to me.

"Thank you for such an erotic encounter my mystery lady, How much I wish that my life was different and I was free, but alas it is not so.

Please dont think, however that I was using you, that is not a habit of mine and it was an impulse I cannot explain that led me to tease you in the restaurant, subconsciously hoping that you would come here.

It was everything I had hoped..........and I hope it fulfilled you too.

Maybe our worlds will collide again one day........................"

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