Men are Dick-heads, Literally  

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8/11/2006 3:00 pm

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Men are Dick-heads, Literally

Listen up Dick-heads, Women are Geniuses, seriously, WOMEN are geniuses, not you, yeah, yeah, yeah, let me repeat that again, so at least I can say, I repeat it three times hoping that I'll get through your Dick heads, Women are geniuses, let me elaborate, we, men, never knew what we want, yeahhhhhhhhhh...we never knew what we want, never, we act we do, but the truth is, we are as far as heaven from knowing, but...we hide it so deep, in a very dark place, we camouflage it, to the point of calling ourselves geniuses, the exact opposite. And women know that, they know it's not true, revelation to your Dick head isn't it?! it's like pulling a quarter out of your ear...Magic!!!!women always knew that, Dick-head, they just act they don't know, NO, moreover, they're rubbing it in our faces, every minute, every hour, every day, every year, ever since the dawn of time, from the time when Adam went to get Eve a Pizza, and got her Apple instead, and when it took him a long time to return, she went looking for him, when he finally arrived, she was sitting on a rock to catch her breath, and when he asked her, did she get worried, and went out looking for him, she said NO, I never left this yes, they put it in our faces, everyday, I know, I know, I finally got through your Dick-head, and you want me to prove my theory, right? OK...ACTING, women are great actors, they act dumb, they do, women act they're dumb, all of your life you grew up on the idea that women are dumb, don't you? tell the truth, whatever is your answer, it really does not matter to them, they don't give a shit about you dumb-ass opinion, they want your dick and that's the bottom line. They know the truth, but did it ever downed to you, that they might be telling us something? by acting dumb?! Probably they're telling us, that we're the dumb ones, not them, I'm sure some of you geniuses out there, gonna read this and say, what a dumb idea. My point EXACTLY.\8b

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8/11/2006 3:37 pm

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