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7/6/2006 6:25 am

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I got to know Bhavana thru' the AdultFriendFinder when she sent me a discreet mail and after exchanging a few mails we were on the phone and having phone sex every other day for a fortnight. Bhavana was a bored 40 year old wife of a guy who was too much into his job and was open to Bhavana making it discretely with some one he approved. Bhavana's man called me and we met over a drink and he called her on the phone for our first date. It was in the morning at 10:30 am at her place. Our phone sex was lately concentrated more on oral sex. The story you are going read is about our first encounter.

When I walked in she said she would like to do it on the stairs. She climbed two steps up and put her legs over my shoulders and made me hold her on as I put my tongue to work fucking her cunt hard as I could. I rubbed my chin and nose in her cunt to make her squirm and cum all over my lips!
She walked me to the middle of a bar platform, and I repeated it. She came and came to cum with excitement because I was giving her this wonderful pleasure while her nimble, long and tapering fingers were workin on my penis. We decided to go to a resturant she knew for lunch. It was quite dark but with people around. I wanted to experience the thrill of oral sex with a little fear of being caught! She was wearing a sari without a peticoat which I just hiked right up and sucked only on her clit and the setting dear reader imagine; she creamed in no time at all.
When we got our food and instructed the waiter not to be disturbed you can imagine what we could have done. We are sitting in the booth for lunch and no one can see what Bhavana is doing to me under the table. I made sure the table cloth hides us with my open pants just enough so that Bhavana can suck on the head of my cock. We took all the time for lunch.... eat and then Bhavana sucking my penis and how many times I nearly came. If I had she just drank it. We finished and paid off and decided to watch erotic movie next monday.

We are sitting at her home watching an erotic movie I had got. I Pulled Bhavana close to me and stuck my hands down her salwar and her lovely hands inside my pants, rubbing, touching and getting us all the more excited. In no time at all we loosened the salwar and pants get those underwear off and sucking on each other. This went on for 90 minutes till we pulled away exhausted. Imagine ladies and wives where *Your male partner sucking on your clit and she will be sucking on your balls. Oral sex when you are at home can last hours and can lead to long session of sexual satisfaction. Oral sex is wonderful foreplay for men and women alike.
You i.e. a sensous couple could do it anywhere any time. All you have to do is loosen his pants a little and suck on the head of his cock/penis until he gets hard as a rock, with the blood flowing to your lips as he gets hot. Use a little bit of masturbation technique here when you play with the shaft of his cock while you suck on his cock and this will be an orgasmic experience that he will really appreciate!


rm_peachy1113 62F

7/6/2006 7:02 am

Please let me know how a saree can be worn without a petticoat? was it a nine yard saree?

thexperimental 63M
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7/12/2006 1:45 am

peachy 1113 what you say is right. When I recall that experience I remember that Bhavana was wearing a short, above the knee sort of a slip. Bhavana is a fine gujrati lady and unlike majority of gujrati ladies at her age without folds of fat.
Can I expect to hear from you?

Anal sex.... no it need not be painful...needs great tact, caution and
tenderness.... you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared... how great is your urge?

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8/23/2006 3:12 am

Well dont know much but the story certainly seems to be unreal. Anyway it's a good entertainment.LOL

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