Observation - Part One  

thewish2004 45M
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6/26/2005 12:58 pm

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9/20/2011 10:37 am

Observation - Part One

Good morning...(actually good afternoon since it's 1.30pm here)...

While working on my website and, at the same time, talking with a few "friends", it came up a curiosity about a couple of things I will now tell about...

Having mostly female friends than males, it is very easy to "hear" all sorts of complaints about men, either here or other websites or "real" life...

The first and most "disturbing" is how men express themselves when trying to approach a woman : a rather annoying and "brutal" example of animalism and perversion which put a deep boundary between different sexs and, sadly, gives a rather "low" picture of man's behaviour and ability to communicate.

Lack of "get to know" the other person, inability to hold a decent conversation or plain "animal magnetism"...?

The more profiles you see and read (bith men's and women's), the more you realize there is no communication at all, no mistery, no discovering, no "courting" (yes, courting is important even more in the sexual sphere)...

No surprise if a woman turns you down right away...

Another point is the "showing" yourself. What's all this showing your "private" parts to the whole world...? (But this is equal for men and women)

Let me be clear. What you do, here as well as anywhere else, is your own business and I am not judging...

But let me ask you something...

Are you so "embarassed" to show your face, to show yourself or you just think that the most interesting "items" in your body are your "private" parts...? Or you just don't know how to approach the other sex in a "pleasant" manner...?

Being naughty, horny, pig, nympho and all the rest is natural, I agree, but don't you think there's a time for everything...?

We shall ask governments to ID us all from our "privates" from now on then since that part is the most shown ever everywhere...

What should they id from...? How long is your penis or how thick...??? Or how much "cum" can you produce...? or, let me see, they might ID men based on all of that and women on how "spread" they are or on the shape of their "vagina" or on how they shave it...?

But again, it's just an observation...It's a free world (where it is) and you all are free to do whatever you want...


rm_bella_ 47F
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6/26/2005 3:14 pm

you definately have a point...I must ponder this one.

rm_eberly930 49M/51F

6/26/2005 3:44 pm

I think you make a lot of valid points. I think part of the reason so many show privates only is shallowness but a huge reason is discretion. I will tackle the former first. I agree with you on this one and I had a huge problem getting intimate with someone just based on looks, to the point where I just could not get aroused. I finally found someone with a great sense of humor, full of wisdom, and she is an excellent writer and things worked out great. But most people on here are out for sex only, which for many people is shallow by definition. Instead of an exciting union of two people, it becomes "what's in it for me and how do I look while doing it" (ha ha, okay maybe not that extreme). But I guess most people have a strong need for discretion. We have seen in the past few months, state governors, gospel singers, and such being brought out into the public for internet based dating like AdultFriendFinder. Once I have had initial communication with someone and feel comfortable it's not someone I work with or my mom (OK, yuk but I had to throw that out there), I am find sending a face picture.

Anyway, you're not wrong. I'll be right back. There's two guys from the US Census Bureau at the door with a measuring tape saying something about a national identification program....


ShyWhisper2006 53F
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7/25/2006 2:28 pm

Very well put...and I agree.

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