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10/6/2005 7:47 am

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Well this weekend brought about a few changes.~chuckles~Most esp the "piercings" Sunday afternoon Chuck and I went over to Inksmith and Rodges on atlantic blvd and I got three of the four piercings I've been wanting to get done and re-done for a while now. The first being a re-do which was my tongue. the second two were my nipples. It most definitely wasn't what I was expecting~chuckles~

Well let's go on and tell how it all happened. Money's a bit tight so in all honesty was going to wait on the nips for a few more paydays to do but due to the fact that the hubby kept saying hey you keep putting it off and stuff I don't believe you'll do it as well as a few other snippets. So I'm like fuck it. Can't really afford it cause could use the money for something else but hell we're here already might as well get it done now. So in I went. (Side note don't go to Inksmith for piercings during the week. Sorry but a guy that has a monotone voice and absolutely NO expression at the thought of seeing a woman's breasts and pussy and actually being able to "play" with them a bit just worries me) Anyways back to the story.

In I went. Now on top of the whole monotone thing. The weekend guy is WAY cuter~lol~. Told him yep need to get my tongue re-done one more time and also want to get my nipples pierced while he's at it.~lol~His eyes got kinda wide and he got this grin on his face.(BINGO!!!Facial expression city baby) So he went about and did what he had to do to set up for the piercings to begin. asked which I wanted done first. told him my tongue cause think it is the easiest and more than likely the quickest as well. So he told me to sit on the table and do all the rinsing of my mouth as well as all the prep work and then pop pierced my tongue.~LOL~(Hubby LOVES my tongue pierced..~evil fucking grin~)

Now comes to the fun part. Most of the time and most of the ladies I spoke to that have had their nips done all you needed to do was lift your shirt slide your breasts over the tops of your bra and viola! But NO not with this guy. He told me point blank to just strip. Now with that both the hubby and I looked at him for a second then I shrugged and slide out of the sports bra and faery t-shirt I was wearing and put my arms about my breasts cause DAMN it suddenly got cold. Then his voice a little deeper he told me to stand straight with my arms at my sides so he could mark the spots to put the needles then the hoops into on my nipples. His face was very intent even if his hands seemed to be squeezing both my breasts and nipples a bit more than needed but hey he's a hotty didn't really care that much. then after about five minutes of him "marking" the spots on my nipples he told me to once again get onto the table get comfy and layday so he can do the piercings. Hey what do I know? So I did was he said and got on the table all the while the hubby is watching~LOL~I think he got wood but can't be overly sure.

Now comes the time with the piercings to begin. I'm laying flat on the table naked from the waist up and a bit chilly but hot at the same time. And the guys comes to the edge of the table and tells me to scoot closer to the edge. I bite back a moan cause that's going to put his crotch right against my arm and not far from my hand. By this time breathing a bit heavy but I do as he asks. then as he's leaning over me his hips grind against my arm and OMG he IS sportin' a bit of wood in those jeans. My eyes close and I bite my lip and he leans down and says this might hurt for a second but take a deep breath when I tell you then release it slowly when I say. His t-shirt clad chest rubbing against my right nipple as his hand grips my left preparing to pierce it. My eyes open and I slow my breathing down a bit trying to calm down other reactions to this. Then he says breath in deep. and I do upon which once again my breast rubs against his stomach/chest area sending sparks down through my stomach to other areas of My body then the needle carefully and easily pierces the skin of my nipple. It hurt when the needle first went through then it felt..I don't know kinda funny.~chuckles~with the second breast instead of pulling away from the table he seemed to crowd it a bit more and holy hell was this guy hung~chuckles~but instead of turning around towards my husband he turned around towards the wall first once he finished piercing my nipples as he disposed of both the needles used. then kept facing away from charlie. All the time tell both him and me that we weren't allowed to play with the nipples at for at the least amonth of time 4 weeks. Which I think almost had us both groaning cause of that but anyways. We did what needed to be done I carefully got dressed once again paid the gentleman his money and we went home.

Late that night Chuck and I had some seriously grungy type sex~LOL~and all the whil ehe was fighting grapping my breasts and suckling like he loves to do.

So I think in the long run these hoops were a definitely good investment.

konkali 40F

10/6/2005 9:50 am

YOu're gonna love it!
AS for the guy who did your piercings, he seems properly thorgouh. Anyone who doesn't make you strip your top and take the time to mark carefully is going to get them in lopsided, and likely increase the chance of the rings coming out.. as for the laying down part, hey that's his thing.. BUt I'm glad you didn't go where your friends have been going, as they're not getting it done right.
On an aside, what gage did you get?
Enjoy them.. don't forget the bandaids while they heal, the not rubbing agains clothing helps them heal a lot better!
peace and fun!

thewildalliecat 38F
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10/6/2005 11:58 am

Didn't know about the bandaids thing it wasn't in the pamphlet that I was given~grins~Yeah he was ummm thorough. Not sure what gage~LOL~just know he had to do size 15 hoops. Something about having large nipples~grins~

rm_CENSO 42M
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10/13/2005 12:14 pm

Thx for the pics. Quite interesting to say the least ... never had the pleasure of playing with ringed nipples yet. Congrats girla!

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