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4/23/2005 2:43 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm


You know This is a pretty good site. Have met several couples and a few singles that we would call friends on here but damnit. There are times that I just wish I could jump through the screen and brain people.

Our profile is pretty straight and to the point on here about our wants and dislikes. But this past week upon several occassions people obviously just can't take a hint if their life depended upon it. We've been sent invites to people's networks that are half way across the country and definitely aren't our taste in people.

But several times this week I have had to repeated decline, block, and just get to the point of contacting the site to ask what is going on because of the number times someone has repeatedly and almost immediately tried to re-add our profile to their network.

You know I've read through our profile and friends have read through our profile and stated they caught what we were saying. And due to the rules of the site we have to walk a fine line for what we say and what we don't say on our profiles. So when I wrote that up I was as pointed and blunt as I could and still get my profile through the people that check those things out.

Anyways it's about time for me to head out. Will be around somewhere.

wanderlust1176 41F

4/23/2005 4:35 pm

You may think you are being subtle, but trust me, you are not. Blatent bigotry and racism are not cool, even on AdultFriendFinder. If you get a responce from a undesireable source, DONT READ IT. And you may want to rethink the part about not being rednecks...

purejoy4fem 46F/44F
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4/23/2005 5:18 pm

Your first mistake, you are assuming that the horn-dogs on this site can read.

thewildalliecat 38F
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4/24/2005 6:22 pm

You know I never once said that we weren't rednecks. And Bliant bigotry??We state point blank what we don't like period. And if the site didn't approve of it the profile it obviously wouldn't be available. As far as subtility go it seems that being outright blunt is sometimes the best way to go. But there are still fine lines to go through for the site. Myself nor my husband are really into inter-racial relationships. Myself while I have several long time friends that are different races, I am not into crossing certain lines for those friendships or relationships.

thanks purejoy yeah obviously many don't go past the pictures as someone in one of the local groups for my local area proved when their messages was cut almost completely when the female put a picture of the man's privates as the main photo on their profile. Sometimes I wonder if people actually read the profiles but every once in a while we will get a message from someone that actually proves that they do.~shrugs~But hey that's life no matter where you go some just go by what is right in front of them instead of looking a little deeper

rm_JxCpl00 43M/38F
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5/1/2005 3:21 am

Beth is the same way, I suppose that makes us redneck bigots too. I dont wanna have sex with another man, I guess that makes me a gay basher.

Fight the power, Nika

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