A fun time for all  

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4/11/2005 8:11 am

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A fun time for all


Oh my my my my where to start~grins~

Yesterday the hubby and I went out and met up with another couple here from the site. Went with simply the notions of talking playing cards and chillin' out with another couple about our ages and just getting to know each other.

~grins~Well that's not exactly what ended up happening once the sun went down.~chuckles~Started out playing rummy girls vs. guys (since I was helping her learn the game~grins~). Then went to texas hold poker to strip poker. From strip poker...Well you know how women are in anything that has to do with removing clothing from their bodies, cards and guys.~grins~We did whatever we could to ummm distract the guys. You could say that last night had my bi-curious cherry popped~grins wickedly~ But I had a blast and I know so did charlie. But of course while her hubby don't know if he had fun. Hope he did.~grins~I know she had quite an orgasmic time.

I can't get the look out of my head of the guys reactions esp. mine. He wasn't expecting me to do half shoot two thirds of what I did last night. While I was playing with the wife the guys had a little conversation about if I had done that before since apparently I was doing a pretty good job. Hubby told the other Hubby nope. Never had before.I have to say this much that was a very sweet tasting pussy I kept sliding my tongue into and over last night. and the it was tight and got so much tighter when she came around my fingers as I licked and sucked and nibbled at her clit..~purrs lightly~Definitely hoping to have them over here for dinner sometime soon~grins~

well anyways. Need to get for a bit..~grins~going to see about talkin' the significant other into posting up his version of last night today as well...~grins~

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