From the road.  

thesubliminator 56M
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7/4/2006 1:47 am
From the road.

So... there I was. Offstage at the Shamrock in Gainsville FL. It's time for the great snort off. First, they show a video of a guy on the Howard Stern show snorting a tiny line of wasabi powder. He immediatly falls screaming to the floor. Kinda intimidating doncha think? Not to these guys. The first round is black pepper,the second, white pepper, the third ,cyanne. Lastly, the wasabi. No drama. It was supposed to be a last man standing thing only everyone was still standing. Victory was finally awarded based on style points. Amatuers vs.professionals. When it comes to product up the nose New Yorkers simply cannot compete with them Florida boys.

This should be an olympic event.

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