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7/10/2006 11:04 am

Hi my name is Jimmy but I go bye Jim I'm looking for a special someone that looking for the same thing as me. I would love to find a woman a pretty woman that is nice loving and wants a good man to treat her and take care of her. I have no kids and never been married. If you have kids or want kids that ok with me I have 4 nephews and 2 nieces that I help raise that thinks of me as a father to them. They still have there father but they love me very much we did many things together as they were growing up. I still go to the movies and go to eat dinner with a couple of my sister kids my niece is 17 yrs old I had a heart attack about a year ago and bless her heart she came up to the hospital and wouldn't leave for three days. She told her mother my sister that she love her daddy but I was her daddy. She is and all ways will be very special to me. I have my own company I buy homes and fix's them up and resell them. I will be moving in a year or so to Chicago Illinois to start a new company up there with my oldest brother buying apartments and redoing the bathrooms and kitchens and reselling them as Condos. There is much money to be made up there doing it and I want to retire in 2 yrs and buy some beach front property over seas and build me a nice two story home and build a pear for a sailboat. I will be getting a pilot license and going to get a small four seater plane so when the hurricanes come I will fly back to the US and stay until it is safe to go back home. If you are interested in getting to know me please write me I will answer all emails. Thanks

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