Walking in the fields of ass play  

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5/21/2005 1:59 pm

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Walking in the fields of ass play

There is more than one reason freudism is uncool but lets not get into that.. lets explore your butt Probably the number one fear obsticle to a mind blowing and sometimes prolonged ( up to 5 minute) orgasm.. is the HOMOphobic improbability regarding anal play. Will it make me GAY? If I do it to my boyfriend will it turn him GAY? will he like it so much he will start seeking the affections of men in rest stop bathrooms? Lets face it.. Gay is Gay.. and if you or your "friend" have proclivities to that .. it will happen or already has. FEAR number two: ewwww its dirty! ok.. lets just deal with this head on.. ( no pun) first.. a bath is a GREAT idea before entering into the realm of the nether region whether its ass time or not.. the anus is a natural place for bacteria.. so yes.. you do need to protect yourself ... you can use latex gloves and never under any circumstance... cross pollinate if you catch my drift.. SO.. lets put our fears aside and focus on making the earth move.

I will be referring to the Female on male version ( duh )
First off... this is an activity best served for people who have a level of intimacy and trust.... Men especially have a difficult time with ass play ... they have fears and are often times not very educated about the ole poop chute... (many wait years to get "THE" exam out of these fears) .. so consider yourself doing them a favor getting them accustomed to something going up the nerve canal. A relaxed air of mind, body and soul connection will make this experience what it should be... fun, intense, a bit taboo, exciting and new.
Rule number one..
Be in tune with your partner.. watch his face and feel his reactions... allow him to be in control of your motions and observe if he is feeling any discomfort.. done correctly and with care and sweetness... there should be absolutely no pain involved.
For the first time I recommend you have him lie on his back so that you can observe his eyes and reactions. After you have gotten accustom to arse play go for the rear entry baby!
After you have clipped your nails.. ( oh and ladies.. yeah you.. the ones with the 2 inch nails----FOGEDDABOUTIT!!!)
Be sure you know beforehand just where the Prostrate gland is located so he does not feel that you are going on a fishing expedition. If I could draw a diagram here I would.. but basically the prostrate is about the shape of a walnut and located just inside the anus about 1/2 inch and up toward the belly button..
so.. now you are armed with a modecum of info.. do not under any circumstances attempt to use a strap on on an anal virgin... as you could destroy any hope of ass pleasure for the rest of his life...
( strap ons will be discussed in a later blog)
Get the area acustom to hands.. stroke and lick his balls and all around the region... let him relax and get used to your touch...
lube up your index finger with some good lube ( no butts about it.. no lube = OUCH) and start at the outside area of the anus... ( otherwise known as the inner and outer sphincter_) sphinter says what? ( for those that get that.. you probably are already an ass expert and have not read this far) and I might add it might behoove you to play with your own ass for some time to get a feel for the roadmap
circle around the outside of the anus and outer sphincter then gently and EVER so slowly begin to press in with the thumbprint side of your finger facing up-- you will pass across the border... ( make sure you have your passport) give a moment of pause here so both parties can appreciate the entry into the new realm... once you have crossed said border ( hopefully passing throug customs) use your finger in a cum hither motion... to reach up and feel for the prostrate.. it is hard to miss.. it will feel like a hard bulb, use the tip to massage and tickle on this spot.. again with gentle hands and heart... you will feel him contract his anal muscles so be sure it is from pleasure and not discomfort.encourage breathing and relaxing with a sultry soothing voice.... once you have your finger on the button.. its an excellent time to put some use to your other hand and mouth.... ( blowjobs will most definiatly have to be covered in a seperate blog.. or better yet my whole book lol) but nonetheless..use your hands and mouth to pleasure his manhood while you are simultaneously massaging his prostrate.. use slow strokes that are in tune with the motion of your fingertip so as not to overload and confuse the senses... this is where the rythm of some good music helps.. It is also good to keep your thumb on the perinium during your exploration... as the perinium is a grounding muscle.. ( it is the one you clench up when you are about to be rearended by a soccer mom on the freeway) At this juncture since it is the first time for this.. just take it easy and dont overdo the experience ... focus on his cock while you still have your finger inside.. when he is just about to cum.. tickle and vibrate his prostrate... when he has expelled his fine liquid.... be VERY VERY careful to remove your finger in an exquisitely slow manner one millimeter at a time... slow removal is as important as entry.
This will be the moment when your mate will probably just want to drift off into dreamland... and you know what.. LET HIM... stroke his skin gently and breath slowly.. up and down the insides of his torso... this need not be a moment for discussions.... as you can do that later when he is at work and you are instant messaging him to ask how he liked having your finger up his ass...

This is just the basics and beginning steps into the realm of the arse.... there is so much more to know and enjoy... but for now...
enjoy each other .. and be glad that you are two people open enough to explore new facets of your sexuality together....
and remember..... turnabout... is fair play!!!!!

- themuse

Apolybear 54M

5/22/2005 1:47 pm

Wow, a true anal princess. I think I'm in love.

Great stuff Muse - and a fellow Californian to boot.

Tahoe_Mtn_Man 48M

5/23/2005 10:29 am

Great Info! I will have to get my lady friend to read this and see how things go!


rm_anacortes 74M
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5/25/2005 6:50 pm

I am glad you took on this "taboo"... I like to think in "sacred sex" all is allowed... (mutual consent required) also "safe words" would be kool too

mnfun952 102M

5/27/2005 9:51 pm

I so enjoy your expertise.... no you may put that strapon on and continue....

rm_anacortes 74M
2850 posts
5/28/2005 3:20 pm

Hope to hear more from you... the idea of anal really turns me ON..


Barbiebunny69 43F

8/7/2005 2:00 am

fantastico Muse...good information no wonder i see MN heere..

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