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8/6/2005 11:29 pm

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One of the number one questions I get.. is... " what do I do about my premature ejaculation" SO.. here are some not so "hints from heloise" on the matter.
First... you need to understand.. that Premature Ejaculation ( PE) is different than Impotancey. Most problems with PE ARE ALL in your head!! that is the good news.... The bad news... is .. that it is going to take some effort on your part to come to understand more about yourself and your body in order to get a handle on the ole handle! There are some factors that may be playing a role in your situation... and unfortunately as much as I love to promote masturbation..... the HABIT of rubbing one out in the bathroom at work can play a role. Just like any form of conditioning.... teaching your body to get off quickly and under duress can create a pavlovian response. This is just one factor.. there are many to consider and to get a grip on ( pun intended) More bad news... there is no quick fix... you will have to re-learn and re-program your schlong. It may even take a couple of months! but hey.. think about all the practice you can do. Ok.. so if you are single... and do not currently have a partner... ( perhaps she got tired of being left out in the cold? ) you can skip this next paragraph.. which is for men in a current relationship.

You will need to have some communication with your partner in regards to reaching a higher plane of intercourse here... not to mention... having a greater sense of communication will invariably assist with this problem. You both need to create a space with less sexual tension and worry about what is about to ..happen .

The first thing you need to do is become familiar with your own body.. Many men do not really take the time to study their own sexual responses.. so this may take some concentration. Every dude knows how it feels when he IS coming.. but the key is to begin to identify the moment just BEFORE you come. This is the golden moment.. the moment when you can still change the outcome of the situation. Practice on your own first before you are with your partner... Right in that moment... when you feel it.. stop.. and sit still....wait for it to pass and settle then start up again. Try to do this as many times as you can in a row.--- its likely at first you will spew like a fountain ... but once you really focus and practice.. you will get the hang of it. WHen you actually go to do the deed in the glory hole of your choice.... try to adjust your motions when you feel that feeling..... try circular rather than thrusting... and dont be afraid to STOP.. and pull out.. and perhaps focus on other facets of making love or fucking whichever you happen to be doing... Your partner will appreciate the attentiveness to other parts of her body ..

Get control over yourself.. DONT obsess about it and learn to be the master of your cock. Tame your beastly rod.. and get it to follow YOUR lead!

I am sure there are a myriad of other techniques.. and that is what blogs are for.. so I am gonna let you all throw in your two cents as well and this can serve as a primer....

come over, come often but dont come too soon.

-The muse

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11/29/2005 3:43 pm

ALL I NEED to SAY is KEGLES Exercise YOUR cock with your mind and your bodies

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