Its that wicked hour again, as I...  

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4/1/2005 11:21 am

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Its that wicked hour again, as I...

Ref: A close Lady friend wanted me to help her ease a long exhausting week of pressure, tension, and frustration. She sent me her 'thread' and asked me to respond in kind. "Sensuous Lover Woman" please read and let me know what 'thread' you like...

She: Hi My SeaEagle,

Its that wicked hour again, as I go lay down exhausted and tired and wishing someone was here to fulfill all my wildest. So as you are fingering me and I holding and rubbing your strong hard cock in my hands I move your hand from my vagina to my breast and tell you to suck it gently please. Ravish me in all your ways and have your way with me. Lay me down and your self gently on top of me as you tease and move up and down on me.

Me: I take your full breast one at a time, and begin to nuzzle, kiss, and bite them first softly then harder and harder as you want more pain on your breast. I take the ends and stick your long, hard nipples as far into my mouth as possible and begin to lick and bite them first the right then the left and back again. I continue to finger your hot, wet pussy with my two, then three fingers. As I bite your nipples and squeeze them between my teeth you begin to moan then beg me to finger fuck you so you can squirt your silky smooth sweet cum over us both. You stroke my cock faster and faster then surround my flared head with you mouth to taste my hot skin and the drops of cum collecting around the head. I take your tongue and stick into into my dick to draw out the yummmmy juice ever before it can squirt on your waiting and willing face.

She: To only feel our hearts beating together. Its like a flash of lighting between our two bodies as we move together in motion. As you go to put your cock in my wet hot pussy I tell you to tug at my hair and give me all of you, pull my knees up to my ears and rock me honey.
Me: You take my dick out of your mouth, place a pillow under you ass, and pull your legs back until your toes touch the headboard. You look deep into my eyes, and with a deep, husky voice you command me to, "FUCK ME E!, FUCK ME, FUCK ME FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!! You take your left hand and grab my l-o-n-g hard dick and place it inside your blood red, dilated pussy. Your puffy lips are eager to close tight around my dick. Your pussy, crouch, and thighs are sticky wet from your multiple organisms from my fingers. After I enter and begin to rock harder and harder up inside you, your stomach feel like I have entered with a hot iron and the head is hitting the tip of your throat. Faster and faster I rock inside you. My fingers are pinching your tits harder and harder. You arch back for your first orgasm. Quickly you release your legs, pinning me with your heels on my ass as you thrust me in and out, in and out, in and out, in and out of your sweaty, hot body.

I raise your head and allow you to see my rod entering and exiting your body. You become ever more excited to not only feel my hot rod with your slick cum covering it but the see it thrusting deep inside you makes us merge as one excited, moving whole..................You arch, squirt, scream, and grab me and pull my head to your waiting lips for a deep, wet French kiss as your pussy tightens around my dick, your body convulses from the passion which has been locked inside you for way toooooooooooo long. You touch, rub, probe, and kiss me like my virgin--your first fully satisfying orgasm.

You want to collapse, yet you do not want the moment to escape. You are so aroused you demand that I fuck you again and again. You lie back. Your pussy open and quivering. Your tits wanting more and more pain as you want to squirt again and again to show your passion and satisfaction for me pleasing you in every way.

Then slowly then hard and more and more of this over and over and as I secrete all my wet juices you stop and lay inside and relax a few and do it again.

She: This goes on continuously over and over until you and I cant go on. I then roll over and get warm towel and wash and dry you so I may suck your balls and finger your ass to ecstasy.

Me: Dear Sexxxy Lover, you towel wash me and then take my limp dick and begin to suck it and then take my balls in your mouth. You suck, smell, taste, gulp, feel, and probe my body with your tongue. You get me hard again. You pin me to the bed and eagerly take my hardening dick and place it inside your pussy so you can fuck me. You feel my dick becoming harder and harder as you press on my shoulders and rock your wet pussy harder and harder as you want to cum one last time before your exhausted body falls on me. You scream, whimper, then cuddle me in your arms as you begin to kiss my lips, cheeks, forehead, chin, and neck. You treat me like the object of your passion and affection you have been seeking.
My dick subsides inside you, your pussy tightens, your are dry with no more cum to lubricate our passion. We drift off to a peaceful sleep, dreaming of when I wash your aroused start again on your journey to....

She: We then cuddle up in each others arms and go to sleep.

You: Dear Sexxxy Lady Lover, You:..........

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