Those who can...DO...those who cant BULLY......or need attention  

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8/28/2006 2:00 pm

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Those who can...DO...those who cant BULLY......or need attention

Ive just been reading from a very interesting website called "Bully on line" which is the site for the UK National workplace bullying advice line and included in this site was a section on ATTENTION SEEKING and the type of people who crave attention

Now sad to say...that its been proved that Attention seeking is most notable in females according to the people who write for above site (funny...didnt notice that being mentionned in another blog about a similar subject...still if the cap fits...wear it I guess)

So having browsed Attention seeking methods I've decided to list a few...maybe they might be of help to who ever reads this regarding somebody they know and who they feel needs desperate help to come to terms with their supposed inadequacy

THE ORGANISER : presents herself as the one in charge,who organises everything,supposedly dependable and reliable,who we can all turn to.....BUT....the aim is not to help someone (thats a means to an end) but to always be the centre of attention

THE DRAMA QUEEN : here every opportunity or incident no matter how insignificant is exploited,exaggerated and indeed distorted to make it an incident of dramatic proportions...everything is elevated to crisis proportions....histrionics may follow if the person concerned feels she is not the centre of attention (I dont doubt this for a minute....)

THE BUSY BEE : simply the busiest person in the worls if the constant telling and indeed retelling of her life is to be believed....from dramas where she threatens to leave....but returns...makes allegations about others...what normal people do easily is made out to be a huge deal by this person as we are all asked to admire and feel sorry for this really busy person....shes never toooooo busy to tell us just how busy she is though

THE MIND POISIONER : totally brilliant and adept at poisioning and influencing peoples minds and their perceptions of others....usually against their favourite target

THE RESCUER : the all conquering hero who rushes to the supposed "rescue" of someone...not to help them (means to an end)...NOOOOOOOOO just to promote herself and then to bask (humbly ??)in the adoration and admiration of others and their usually involves rescuing someone who is supposedly fact you could say that they prey on this person thus creating a dependancy situation....this is all the better if the person can conduct the "rescue" themselves so no one else can grab the glory.....normally the person doesnt need to be rescued or is vunerable....they are well able to look after themselves

Now Id like to point out that,according to the website,males do also display these I say.....its been medically proven that Women are the are more likely to show this behaviour pattern

Its also interesting to see that (blog pimping here !!!!!) that blonde367 has also written a great blog about a similar subject called "narcissistic personality disorder" and its well worth a read

Funny isnt it.....we are all amateur shrinks when we want to be....gotta get out more !!!!

Hope this has been of benefit to you...check out the site for more information......esp.if someone you know is showing the above signs

Bottom line is...if you're not down with that I've got just TWO words for ya...

S*CK IT !!!.........

(Or...if you can write blogs on the above subject targeting others...Im sure you are equally happy reading similar....commonly known as....if you are happy to give sure you're as happy to get it

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