The silent child........  

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The silent child........

Ive just finished reading Amber3471's blog about abuse victims...its a subject she feels strongly about as does Blonde367 in blogs shes has for me well its a personal campaign through voluntary work with sure all sane-minded people feel the same

Here is a poem about the hell abuse inflicts on the most vunerable in our society...on those who cant answer or fight back...

The Silent Child

She sits alone in her room
Wipes away the tears
Hiding underneath the covers
So no one else hears
She wraps them tight around her
To shut out all her pain
Praying if there is a God
He'll make her safe again

She snuggles deep inside her bed
Holding the covers tight
Cuddling her little teddy bear
Leaving on the light
She waist for the assurance
That he has gone to bed
Then falls into sleep
So she can dream instead

She wakes at the sound of footsteps
Walking down the hall
Then he stops outside her room
And opens up the door
She shivers in a childs fear
Then begins to cry
She knows exactly why hes here
She just doesnt know why.......

He tells her she is special
That shes daddys little girl
As he pulls back the covers
Into her silent world
He says its their secret
A special game they play
No one else would understand
They'd only take him away

She lay there in her silence
Her clothes upon the floor
Trying not to think of it
As her tears silently fall
She hears the clock ticking
As she drifts away
Her teddy there beside her
Where he always lay

She wonders why he comes to her
In the middle of the night
When he should be with Mammy
Holding her so tight
She listens to him tell her
She will be the one to blame
If anybody ever
Discovers their special secret game

She pulls back up the covers
As he rises from her bed
He tweaks her button nose
And kisses her little forehead
She watches as he dresses
As he tells her once again
That this is their secret
She cannot say a thing

She watches as he leaves the room
And closes shut the door
Listens to his footsteps
Walking back down the hall
The she cuddles up to teddy
And crys a childs little tears
Beneath her soiled covers
So Mammy cannot hear

As she lay their in her silence
With her tear filled eyes
Every time he touches her
A part of a child dies
She curls up tight in her bed
Holds her teddy tight
And prays that never again
He will come to her at night

Stand up....speak out...stand out.....against abuse to children.....protect them...nurture them,teach them,guide them

Not destroy them

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8/17/2006 3:32 pm


brightstar2nite 57F

8/17/2006 5:11 pm

That is beautifully Sad.. but true to so many children, who never find or have the voice to speak out. As an early childhood educator, i feel strongly about this also, even if it turns my stomach to think about it..

IamWetFire 52F

8/18/2006 7:07 pm

Thank you for posting this. Speaking as a survivor. . .thank you!


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8/19/2006 6:41 am

Thank you

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