Small blue thing.................  

thekingofkings70 46M
332 posts
7/1/2006 2:47 pm
Small blue thing.................

Today I am
A small blue thing
Like a marble
Or an eye

With my knees against my mouth
I am perfectly round
I am Watching you

I am cold against your skin
You are perfectly reflected
I am lost inside your pocket
I am lost against your fingers

I am falling down the stairs
I am skipping on the sidewalk
I am thrown against the sky

I am raining down in pieces
I am scattering like light
Scattering like light
Scattering like light

Today I am a small blue thing
Made of china
Made of glass

I am smooth and curious
I never blink
I am turning in your hand
Turning in your hand
Small blue thing

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