Introducing the "I.R.B.A"...Ireland Room Blog Awards  

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7/19/2006 2:56 am

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Introducing the "I.R.B.A"...Ireland Room Blog Awards

One of the integral parts of A.F.F is the blog.....pretty safe to say we've all blogged at one stage or another in our time here...either the writing of or replying to and Im sure we all agree that it can be pretty addictive at times even though we might not like to admit it....

A lot of people blog in the Ireland room on all issues ranging from sexual positions,poetry,remarking on a current topic of the day,songs that are important to them,memories both good and bad or something that just happened to them that very day that they wish to share with us all...the list is endless...its diversity amazing

So I got to thinking how about a weekly blog say well done and fair play to someone who writes a great blog.....of course no one can judge that or place one blog over another (like people) but if you see a blog that really "grabs" you for whatever reason be it blonde367's writings,sexydublinsweets poetry,heavenlys erotic fantasties,sulas musings or someone elses mad ravings (mine most definitely included) why not tell us and encourage us to read it or them and comment on it...the diversity of opinions and counter arguments would be amazing simply because we cant all agree and to see a counter argument to our own belief can be challenging and eye-opening...and we should ALL enjoy a challenge....lets encourage more blogs and honesty and openess of thought

So to get the ball rolling I humbly declare that the first winner of the "Ireland Room Blog Award" is none other than BLONDE367 for her incisive,thought provoking and topical blogs....ranging from erotic poetry,issues of the day or incisive and meaningful comment her blogs are honest and sincere,humourous,and are her replies to comments whether she agrees with you or not so my suggestion is to pay her blogs a visit and enjoy....

Or course there are NO runners up here......everybodies blogs are good and important to them but a very honourable mention has to go to SEXYDUBLINSWEETS poetry....Im sure we are all agreed she has a particular and unique talent in that field (and Im sure in many others..)but again her poetry is well worth a visit

So there you go.............lets check out the blogs....and inform the rest of the Ireland room what hits you between the eyes and why....

And of COURSE.......if you're not down with that I've got just TWO words for ya.......

S*CK IT.................

(a statement which in itself should get a prize....probably that of stupidest catchphrase matter...I like it and you cant have it all can you....?)

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