thegator19 29M
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8/22/2006 5:31 pm

well not much to say so i figured id talk about my quest to remove the wallpaper in my sisters room and put in paint instead. i started early today and removed all the wallpaper, which was surprisingly easy. the scoring of the paper was a pain to my ears but very fast. after that all i did was spray it with some enzyme and it peeled right off, whole walls at a time basically. then came the fun part, painting the ceiling. but that didnt last too long. after that came the difficult part of my arduous task... removing the wallpaper adhesive. i decided id be clever and spray the adhesive with the enzyme since its supposed to eat the glue up, and then scrape the remains off with a scraper. but then i realized that this wasnt enough, so i ended up sanding every inch of my walls. what a pain. O well, tomorrow i paint the walls.

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