yeah for head!  

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3/4/2005 7:23 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

yeah for head!

What do you do when the chic your dating jumps your bones and her dads in the next room? Uhm.. go for it! Over the years I haven't had to worry about this type of thing (parents), but since I've recently become single it seems to be an issue. I'm 28, dating a 22yo who still lives with her dad. For some reason 22 is the magic age for me. I'm not complaining, its great to date younger girls. The clubs I play at are full of younger women, so I guess its natural I meet a lot of people 18-24. Anyhow, he doesn't mind if I stay the night, so once or twice a week I do so. The first few times I was a good boy and nothing went down. But the last two times she turns the light off and attacks me. Am I to say "oh please, don't give me head"? I think not. However I do feel a bit guilty for having sex when her dads sleeping. Ok so I don't feel *that* bad. haha

<rant> I've tried to load my profile pictures 3 times and they keep getting rejected... is there a size limit or something?? grr.

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