How to operate at maximum sexyness  

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10/6/2005 12:52 am

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How to operate at maximum sexyness

My first post will be to teach you how to opperate at the height of potential.

1. Strike a sexy pose no matter where you are: Your goal is to have a O.C. style look everywhere you go.

2. Have sweet gear on: the clothes do make the man, so make sure they rock the socks of the opposite sex, or whatever your into I guess.

3. Make sure you got your pearly whites glowing for all to see: NOBODY likes tooth decay, except hillbies and other toothless douche bags.

4. Cool catchprase: come up with something that is cool: "Its go time", or something.

Optional: Huge wang. Self explanatory.

Now all you need is a personality and other stuff and you will rock the masses with sexitude. If you follow these steps you can get whoever you want, but be real. Don't shoot for the stars and get your ass burned by the sun.

Peace MoFo's


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