First Post - Fantasy - a mix of sex and sensuality?  

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10/26/2005 1:10 pm

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First Post - Fantasy - a mix of sex and sensuality?

I originally had posted a rather long fantasy that I deleted..a mix of sex and sensuality..I feel. There has to be some intimacy, a need to commit feelings for better sex. I can't imagine sex being "good" without it.

I'm interested to know what you make of this idea. Feel free to post a constructive or deconstructive critique of the ideas and also the fantasy..I especially invite the female perspective. It is from women I will learn the most, since it is with women that I'd seek to have such nights with.

TO boil down the fantasy to its essence, I basically realized that much of the sensual and erotic were married through the sharing of simple things..a nice delicious (but simple) dinner, and sharing a bath..scrubbing each others backs. Of being in a quiet surrounding with perhaps only soft "primordial" (things that our ancestors heard outside their cave walls..haha) murmurs..the sound of rain and wind. Maybe a bird's call.

And finally, the smell..I had written that we were in a traditional Japanese home. Tatami (real tatami) from wall-to-wall creates a fragrance unlike being in a hay loft without the allergic reaction (haha). It is a wonderful clean look, warm to touch, and the fragrance is soothing, fresh and touches our original primitive selves.

These were all things I shared with the woman I was spending the night with. We shared them together..they bound us together before we even had foreplay. And, I think because they were shared, it created a tie between us that was sensual and crossing over into the erotic as we bathed together.


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