Sunday bloody Sunday  

thedude7790 37M
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8/1/2006 2:29 am

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8/25/2006 12:35 am

Sunday bloody Sunday

It seems that an English blog is better then only a dutch one.

So from now on i'll write my ideas down in english,

"My account has been approved yippi, good one".

well last sunday was the worst day i had in a while everything went wrong.

Lets start at the beginning,

My lvl 24 HC diablo 2 character got Pked by some wanker in my party. not a big deal really but still annoying as hell.

a few hours later i got hacked by "god" this never happened to me before, scared the living daylights out of me. we did have a funny conversation though god and me.
But i don't like god much so i turned of my Computer, now i need to reinstall my windows but my cd's don't work. great thanks alot god.

a few more days, thats what i keep telling myself, then im of to Sweden. 2 weeks of sex and nature. sigh it seems to take forever.

rm_AnOddGirl 57F
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8/1/2006 8:53 am

I have to ask, about your God, did she say what she wanted?

I hate when a team member shoots without looking!

Welcome to Blogdom!


thedude7790 37M
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8/2/2006 12:55 am


she/he or it (who knows) didn't really say.
I think god just wanted to strike fear in me for all the bad things i do in live, well bad in the eyes of those who think its bad. (smoking, drinking having sex before your married).
after i turned the pc of i realized that im going to hell for sure now

btw. Anoddgirl you are the first one to give a response on my blog,

"gaston tell anoddgirl what she has won !!"


thedude7790 37M
12 posts
8/25/2006 12:35 am

im glad i did Kitten

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