a perfect day out  

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2/26/2006 11:52 am

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a perfect day out

good evening everyone.

i say evening as it's just gone 6pm and i've been up now for a couple of hours. at the moment i'm having difficulty focusing on the screen. what an excellant day out.

our day started out at 9.30am. i meet up with my mate at the railway station armed with a carryout of a few tins of lager. we also met up with a few other people that we knew there too.

the trian journey itself was uneventful as everyone was just catching up with one another. by the time we reached edinburgh the train was packed, you could hardly get a standing space. trying to get to the toilet was impossible and you just had to hold on.

arrived at edinburgh at 12:30 and it was just a short walk to the first pub we went to.as you can imagine that pub and all the other one's we visited we packed out. the thing i like about going to ruby internationals is the friendly banter we have with the oppositions fans and the fact that you drink along side them. met quite a few new friends yesterday.

i'd like to thank every one of the barstaff of edinburghs pubs i visited, and there were a few. the did a really good job keeping us lubricated. if any of you woork in a pub then thanks.

got to the game pretty well lubricated and ready for a goood game of rugby and boy, that is was. scotlands defence was outstanding and we held the english forwards at bay. we were only behind once in the game and that was for about 5 mins. throughout the game the scots were out singing and roaring their tem on and by the end of the game i had just about lost my voice. what a result.

after the game we walked down the road stopping all traffic on the road. it's kind of hard trying to keept housands of fans on a pavement. we went into an other feww pubs on the way back to the railway station. meeting loads of sexy women on their way out.

the train was packed but we were quite lucky to get on first and grab a few seats. the train journey was a bit nore livlier then as they were a few of us that weere slightly drunk. i felt sorry for the young ladies that were sitting next to us on the way up, they got a lot of attention off us and to be honest they took it well and played along with the banter.

once back in my home town we decided to go out on the town.at that stage i should have gone home but being intised down the road was to much and off i went. had a couple of fallen outs with a couple of mates that were out of order with a couple of women and thought that it was about time that i went home. kebab and a walk home does wonders.

all in all a really good day out. still feeeling the effects of the day.

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