The After Hours Plan...  

thecavegirl 49F
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3/8/2005 10:04 pm

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The After Hours Plan...

Now I had been watching this guy closely in the club and was already quite wet with the thought of his lips touching mine, anywhere he wanted them. So I was not opposed to a group setting where there would be a little bit of safety. It's not like I'm used to going home with strangers. There was five of us and I guess it wasn't that safe, because we were all strangers and what did we have to lose?
When we arrived in the room, we'll call him John, he was already talking into my ear about my gorgeous lips and hair, Ohh and my eyes, he couldn't get enough of them. We all drank a toast and starting laughing and talking. Turned on some adult porno on the TV. The mood of the room became more lax. I laid on the bed and John reached straight up my shirt and started rubbing my breasts. He then lifted up my shirt and starting sucking on my tits. If felt so good and warm his lips on my nipples. One of the "college girls", we'll call Baby One and Two, started eyeing this whole situatiion on the bed with John and I. She starting giggling and sitting on the bed she reached out toward my breast and John grabbed her hand and helped it there. Then he told her to suck my tit and there she went. Her friend Baby Two started giggling and pulled her up and said "You like that?" and One said shyly "Yes, very much" and Number Two said "So do I!!! Then number One said we've been friends all this time and we could have been fucking too?" They both yelled "Oh my God, as they both lunged directly at my crotch and breasts. Bob, we'll call him jumped directly into this decadent mess quick enough too.
It wasn't very long until I was completely naked with two men and two women licking, sucking, grabbing and fucking my body!!!
My goodness, my goodness, my goodness was my ness good??? Hell yeah!!
I mean, who can even imagine having all of the parts of your body feeling so needed and completely warm. Much less having it actually happen to you.
How many people just fantasize wbout threesomes, foursomes and fivesomes? Then really actually have it happen?
I mean, I thought to myself, this can only happen to people once so you better enjoy it. What better advice? So I proceed to do just that...(more to cum)

Lucas723 44M

4/10/2005 12:06 am

with something like that happening to you, I wonder how I could even begin to compete with the memory of this event. All I know is I would love to try.

tatsdahgo2 57M

7/25/2007 6:09 pm

so tell me......... and be truthful........ with all the licking, sucking, probing, fingering,hair pulling and fucking going on..... did you fantasize a bit about someone perhaps tying one arm, and one leg to the foot and head of the bed..... leaving you open to more exploration?..... perhaps a vibrating buddy?..... while you were allowed to suckle on his cock?....... btw....... very, very hot story, can't wait to hear more........... xoxoxoxoo

SwoopFuzesIniac 58M
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12/14/2007 12:22 pm

fantastic just wish i was there to enjoy it with u all

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