Hello sex crazed maniacs  

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5/17/2005 9:25 am

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Hello sex crazed maniacs

Hello all you sex crazed lovely's.
Today I was thinking of what it would have been like having a partner for this mornings sexual interlude.
As we laid in the bed with my cock dripping with precum at the doorway to my wife's' vaginal entryway.
I could not but help wish that we had a strong hard cock lingering around waiting to pounce on the first open hole that was still vacant in our seemly lonely bedroom activities.
We have great and exiting sex as a couple but with a third partner involved in the activities it is always' an added ecstasy.
This is in my opinion what has kept our marriage strong over the year's.
You see I am a firm believer that if you will cheat with you spouse they will not need to cheat on you.
I have faced much criticism about this view over the years but to no avail.
I could care less what people think about threesomes in regard to the repercussions on the marital aspect's.
Because it works as a strength in my own personal marriage.
The People who are to tight assed to try something new with their spouse can remember my word's at their divorce proceeding's.
So anyway today I am only asking you to think hard about what I am saying and have some serious fun in your life.
Enjoy the fact that if you will open your mind great things can and will take place for you and only you can be held responsible for not at least trying.

The bobster231

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