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5/15/2005 10:12 am

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Sex Toys

Isn't it interesting the double standard of masturbation. I know when I was going to high school it was mainly the guys who bragged and teased about masturbation. Maybe I just wasn't in the right circles but I don't even recall my girlfriend and I talking about it on any level.

Maybe it was the double standard of girls don't and boys do because boys just have one thing on their minds.

But after high school and one enters the adult world and you go into any adult shop women have a much more variety of sex aids to choose from. I am not saying that men can't use vibrators that look like penises but...I was in a shop the other day and the wall mainly had toys aimed towards the women consumers. There was also a group of three people two women and one man looking and laughing at a lot of the products for men.

And I was at another shop earlier that had a very small assortment of toys for men verses women's toys.

It seems that men are to be left to their own devices while women have a larger array of products to choose from. Unless of course you live in Georgia where it is illegal to sell vibrators. Damn! what's up with that?

Yes, I do know you can find men's toys, but in my own round about way of saying it seems that the altitude changes. Maybe after high school men are supposed to be the conquering studs, and the women the ladies in waiting?

And yes I did by myself a toy for me just in case you were wondering.

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