The age of Aquarius  

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2/26/2005 6:44 pm

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The age of Aquarius

Welcome to my new sex web log: s-log, to coin a phrase. I'm gonna post some adventures from my college days for starters.


This story is basically true. The names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I sang in a band in college. The pay sucked but the fringe benefits were unbelievable. Like the day we had an early afternoon practice and someone brought some friends along to watch. Mary was a 5'5" redheaded freshman just a little bit pudgy with an incredible set of tits. She stared at me the entire practice and I couldn't’t help staring back, wondering if she were a true redhead.

After practice I asked her if she wanted to go for a drive. She said yes and we drove straight to my house where we barely got into the front door when she had my pants down around my ankles, rapidly sucking my surprised cock to rock hard attention. We stumbled into the bedroom, ripped the rest of our cloths off and proceeded to fuck the afternoon away. My girlfriend, Lisa, was coming over around 8 so I had to force myself to drive Mary home around 6. I walked her to her door and she asked me into her house for one last quick fuck before I barely had time to rush home and grab a shower before Lisa arrived.

Luckily we drank rather heavily that night and somehow I managed to show her a good enough time to avoid suspicion. I've always found it particularly exciting to fuck more than one chick a night. Even though Mary was a terrific fuck, Lisa and I had been going at it steadily for over a year and I didn't’t want to break up with her and her just yet. So what was a red blooded American boy to do but to keep fucking both!

Mary and I fucked pretty hot and heavy for the next few weeks, whenever I could work her in, but she was looking for a steady boyfriend and I already had a few steady girlfriends (besides Lisa). Mary and I continued to hook up for a terrific fuck for the next several months but she started dating around and we fucked less and less frequently.

The best thing Mary did for me before we grew apart was to introduce me to her house mates. Missy was a slender 5'2" 100 pound strawberry blond with a nice set of tits for her small frame. She wasn't a beauty, but had a wonderful personality, not to mention an interest in fun and games almost as great as my own. Missy was an art student who wanted to help us design a logo for the band. We met late one night at the fine arts building where she had use of the labs after hours. We worked for a couple of hours and after she came up with a cool logo we hugged in celebration. Much to my surprise, she reached down in front of me and pulled my zipper down. It turns out Mary had mentioned I had an above average sized package and she wanted to see for herself. Indeed, she got see for herself as my 12" sprang to fullness before her eyes. As she pulled her jeans down to her ankles, I lifted her onto the drafting table & we started fucking like wild. She hadn't been laid in quite some time and started to cum just about as soon as I rammed my cock into her sweet, wet cunt. All her cumming made me so hot that I shot her a huge load in no time at all.

We pulled our cloths back together and checking to see that no one had observed our activities, headed back to her house for an entire night of hard core fucking. I couldn't’t believe a tiny little chick like her could fuck so very long and hard and good. I found it easy to toss her into dozens of different fucking positions, one right after another and she seemed to anticipate my every move; it was fucking excellence.

So here I was still fucking Mary a few times a month, Missy as often as we could arrange, along with Lisa and a few other "steady" girlfriends. And don’t you know it, a few weeks later, Sandi, another house mate, calls me in a panic. She’s home all alone on a Saturday afternoon and has a plumbing problem she wonders if I could possibly help her with. All her house mates were gone and she did not know what to do. I was somewhat handy, so I grabbed a few tools and headed over.

I heard her shout “come on into the kitchen” as I walked up to the house and that’s where I found her spread butt naked on the kitchen table. It seems her plumbing “problem” could only be solved by 12" of rock hard man cock rammed over and over and over into her dripping wet cunt. Sandi was the tallest of the trio, about 5'8" with more than ample cushion that made for GREAT pushin’ and she was downright wild. As a tit man, I was more than pleased with her 44 DD’s. I grabbed on and held on to them for dear life as she fucked me about as hard as I’d ever been fucked before. She told me she felt left out when her house mates told stories of fun and games and just had to find out for herself how good it was.

She found out - on the kitchen table, up against the dining room wall, in the coat closet, down the hallway, and, for good measure, in every one of their bedrooms. We finally collapsed in a heap of intertwined naked bodies in utter exhaustion. As soon as we could work up the energy we went out to get something to eat. We drove to the college golf course where I proceeded to eat her gushing pussy until she cried like a school girl. After our afternoon of sex, I found that the idea of fucking under the stars gave me the energy to get it up once more. We fucked and fucked and fucked right there on the 18th green. I’ve never played an 18th hole as sweet as that!

So now I had three out of the four roommates calling me for sex whenever I could work them in. Fortunately "steady" girlfriends, Lisa and Jannie both went to different schools in different towns so I was able to somehow juggle all of them, along with the occasional one night stand with a band groupie. There were some nights where I had to fuck the lights out of a “groupie” in the parking lot after a gig, head over to Missy’s and fuck which ever of them was available and then drive to one of my girlfriend’s town’s for a nightcap of fucking. Don’t ask me how I did it, but now we're getting to the fantasy fulfilled part of the story.

One night I'm sitting at home trying if you can believe it to study and Sandi calls me and says she and Missy are bored and decided to come over that and hang out. They showed up with a couple bottles of wine and a favor to ask. Turns out Sandi wanted to know if she could “use” me to show Missy how to give a blow job. It occurred to me when she asked that Missy had never sucked my dick so I decided to be a nice guy and agreed to help. I told Missy she might as well learn from the best as no one gave better head than Sandi. The only problem was I was sharing a very small apt at the time and my room mate was home. In order to keep it discrete we decided to use my van parked out back.

We had no more than climbed into the back and shut the door than Sandi had my dick out and was licking it to hardness. She usually went at my dick like a starving madwoman, but in deference to Missy, she took it slow and easy, pointing out the finer tongues of giving head. I was pretty much drinking the wine while Missy and Sandi both licked my cock up and down. Missy decided she was ready to fly solo. I don’t know if they were lying to trick me into a 3 way, but Missy bobbed up and down on my cock like a cork lost at sea in a hurricane. I don’t think it was her first time.

By that time we were all naked as the day we were born (or naked as the last time we had fucked, you take your choice of mental pictures) and the van was rocking pretty hard. I suggested that Sandi haul her ample, naked ass up into the drivers seat and drive around while I put the stones to Missy in the back. She slipped on my shirt and did so, a bit of a pout on her face. I don’t know if the van was rocking as it went down the street, but Missy and I were rocking like wild animals as I drove my meat in and out as we bumped and curved our way through town.

We came to a stop light and Sandi demanded her turn to fuck and convinced Missy to trade places. I was happy to oblige and sunk my throbbing rod deep into Missy’s cunt as we headed off again. We fucked our way all around town until Sandi could take it no longer. She pulled over into a deserted park and demanded equal attention. I had Missy lay down on her back and Sandi lay on top of her, front to front and told them I was hungry for a pussy sandwich. I slid between their asses and proceeded to eat them both out at once. They got into the deal and were soon rubbing each other’s tits and moaning in mindless pleasure. I pulled out and thrust my rod into Sandi’s cunt then Missy’s, then Sandi’s, then Missy’s, then Missy’s, then Sandi’s in a wild sexual rhythm that was driving us to heights we’d never been before. They were tonging each other and squeezing each other’s tits and cumming all over the place. When I could take it no more, I pulled out and came all over the two of them and we collapsed in a pile of exhausted, fucked out naked bodies. I don’t remember how we all got home that night, but I seem to remember vaguely a replay in Sandi’s bedroom.


2/27/2005 11:22 am

This a great story ,maybe you me and my husband can make one to top this .. 2tooplay2. ps..

ScooterpieJane 61F

3/20/2005 10:30 pm

hey "slog" is a GREAT name - fun to read, too, as my blogs are a little "tame" nice to see a blog with some "ziparoo" (or un-ziparoo) in it!!!

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