Getting Busted  

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3/24/2005 2:37 am

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Getting Busted

Returning to college after a couple of years of finding myself (mostly in Rio) I discovered
most my friends had graduated. I hadn’t made many new friends yet and was going through a huge
dry spell with the women. I hadn't been laid in half a year and was really feeling it. I had moved into a house with a group of guys I had met the first day of classes. They were great guys and invited me to a party they knew of on campus. I figured it would be a good way to get back into the “swing”, so I decided to tag along.

It was mostly freshmen which was very cool, as freshmen girls were generally eager to be introduced to the college “experience”, a task I was more than willing to fulfill. It was the typical collage party, if a bit on the mild side. There were the usual groups of partiers: a bunch of obnoxious dudes in the center of the room trying to convince the hot chicks they weren’t total dorks and there were the shy types sitting around the edges of the room taking it all in. I spotted Robin in a group of girls over in the corner of the room. She was tall and slender and barely had any tits at all. I am a tit man; the first thing I always notice on a girl are her tits. I love tits of all sizes, shapes, and colors. Intrigued, I made my way over and struck up the usual small party talk. Much to my delight she responded eagerly. We sat around for an hour or so talking and ingesting various forms of adult beverages. My roommates wandered over and said they were out of there and since I drove I agreed to take them home. I held my breath as Robin took about 3 seconds to decide to accompany me back to our house.

We returned to our place and sat around drinking and otherwise misbehaving as one by one my roommates dragged off to bed. When it was just me and Robin alone on the couch, I gently slid my hand under her sweater to discover just how big her breasts were. She wasn't wearing a bra and
they were oh so small; only a mere mouthful. It was me experience that the smaller the boobs, the more sensitive they were. Robin was no exception. As I gently fondled her nipples, she began to moan. We kissed passionately until she broke it off in order to remove her sweater so I could have better access to her nips. I began kissing and nibbling them as she became more and more excited, her body gently swaying in a smooth sexual beat. Even thought I was hornier than a three balled billy goat, we had just met and I was taking it slow and easy until she finally grabbed my right hand and shoved it down the front of her jeans.

Well I got the picture, all right, and I unbuttoned her pants with my left hand and she slid them off her tight little butt as I removed my own cloths. Her pussy was so wet and sweet that I just couldn't help but try to lick it dry. For some reason, the more I licked, the wetter it became as did the volume of her moans. Finally she begged me to give her my throbbing cock and, being an obliging kind of guy, I gently slid my 12 inches slowly into her pussy. Well, she was having none of that as she grabbed my ass and thrust my rod deep into her cunt. We were so high that we fucked half the night away and passed out on the floor bare ass naked. I shot at least 4 huge loads of cum deep into her pussy and I don’t know how many times she got off. We woke the next morning to the sounds of my roommates making breakfast. Robin grabbed her cloths and asked if there was a room we could go to in order to get dressed. I took her into my room where she asked me if I could please fuck her one more time before I took her home. Seeing as how I was fucking off a six month dry spell, I did her two better and we screwed the entire morning until we were totally spent. I took her home and we started going out quite regularly and fucking every chance we got, which was generally 4 or 5 times a week. She was a great piece of ass!

A couple months later she went home for Winter break and I stayed at school. My roommates stayed as well. They all had girl friends in town and decided to throw a New Year's Eve party at our place. It was just gonna be Steve, Mark, and Dave and their girlfriends, Mary, Amy, and Beth. I figured I’d miss a wild party but told them I’d hit the bars for the night rather than be a 5th wheel but they convinced me to stay for the party. The day before the party, however, I ran into Sue, a girl I had dated in 11th grade. We only dated a short while before her parents split and she moved out of town. She was back in town visiting her father over the holidays. I hardly recognized her as she had grown into a stunningly beautiful, well endowed lady! We struck up a conversation, laughing about the good old days and it came up that she had nothing to do for New Years, so I invited her to our party. I was a bit surprised when she accepted without a moment’s hesitation. It turned out that she’d just broken up from a long relationship and was eager to get over the loser. I didn’t have my hopes up too high, as we’d never done the carpet crawl when dating, but, heck, it was a party. What did I have to lose?

We kicked the party off with jello shots and Sue must have really needed to party as she sucked down more than her fair share of shots. We had made a gallon of Northern Lights and broke that out too. We were sitting around shooting the bull and getting quite mellow when Dave suggested we play strip poker. After a lot of snickering and snide remarks the girls agreed to play. I was a more than a little surprised by Sue. She was among strangers, but jumped right into the game. We sat around drinking and playing poker. Being as boys will be boys, we cheated well enough to retain most of our clothing while four very, very hot young girls slowly became very naked and very drunk. Somewhere along the line the game of strip poker turned into a game of truth or dare. Mary bet Amy she couldn’t tell her boyfriend, Mark’s dick by giving him a blow job while blindfolded. We looked at each other in stunned amazement, wondering how much Karma it would require to make something like that happen. Our jaws dropped when Amy agreed to the challenge. Then our hearts nearly stopped when Amy, Beth, and Mary all wanted to take the challenge.

I told Sue we could referee the challenge, as I never dreamed she’d want to participate. But she said no way was she turning down a chance to suck four studly dicks and besides, she had always dreamed about my dick and thought she could just about imagine it. Well far be it from me to stand in the way of a hot chick wanting to suck dick, so we set the rules. The girls would spend a minute at each “station” and then move on to the next. We found an old kitchen timer to use, tied bandanas around the girl’s eyes and formed into a general circle. As luck would have it Mary was first on my cock. I had wanted to fuck her since the day Steve introduced us. I could hardly contain my excitement as she gently took my throbbing cock into her mouth and proceeded to blow me. I nearly shot a load, but managed to hold off until timer rang and Beth replaced Mary on my dick. Beth was just as hot as Mary, with huge, firm tits that I wasn’t allowed to grab. Luckily for me, she wasn’t quite as good an oral artist as Mary and so I retained my load for Sue, who was next. It was so weird getting your dick sucked by stranger after stranger, but Sue sucked my dick like it had never been sucked before. I really almost lost it all over her face but was again saved by the bell. Amy was last and I kinda lost track of the head she was giving me. The next thing I knew, the bell rang and it was over.

We told the girls to keep their bandannas on and make their way over to the guy they thought was their boyfriend. When they lifted their blindfolds the joke was on them, the only one who got it right was Sue. We teased them roundly and they took it rather well for awhile and then said there was no way we guys could tell their girlfriend blindfolded. We were so drunk and pumped up that we said what the fuck, let’s do it! The girls would convene in a circle with their heads in the middle and their asses in the air & a blindfolded guy would have one minute to fuck each! Why not? They blindfolded us, spun us around a few times (like they needed to do that), lined up and told us to cum and get it. I don’t know who I fucked first even though I cheated and grabbed the chicks tits to help my thrusting. Mary had the biggest tits but Sue wasn’t far behind. Beth had a C cup and Amy had the smallest, barely a B cup. These were rather big tits so I knew it was either Mary or Sue. Whoever it was, she had a pussy like glass and dripping wet. She leaned back in to me and I started slamming her ass with my pelvis, thrusting my cock deep into her cunt. I heard a few muffled moans but wasn’t sure if she came or not before the bell rang me to the next babe.

Cheating again, I knew this girl as Amy. Her tits were very small, but she made up for it with fucking technique. Her pussy conformed to my cock and we rocked in a gently motion, taking each other to higher highs. I was just about to cum when the bell rang and I moved on to the next station. This one, I figured to be Amy. Nice tits, nice ass, nice pussy, nice fuck! I was stroking her hard and heavy and just about to explode when the bell rang. The last girl was either Sue or Mary. My dick slid right into her juicy wet pussy and we got right down to business. She was ramming her ass back to meet me & I was giving it to her as hard as I could. Luckily we only had a minute. The bell rang & I took off my blindfold to find I was fucking Sue. She pulled me around and gave me a deep, wet, passionate kiss, thanking me for making her dreams cum true. She just had one more request, could I talk one of the guys into fucking her in the ass while I fucked her pussy and she had one more dick to blow. I didn’t know what they’d say, but Mark and Dave eagerly agreed and the two girls they’d been fucking, Mary and Beth, said to go ahead, they’d always wanted to try eating another chicks pussy and immediately went down on each other. Steve was still fucking Amy with his bandanna on, really going at it.

I lay on my back and Sue slid onto my dick. Raising her ass in the air, Mark greased up his dick and gently slid it in. I had never before experienced anything as weird and fucking hot as to feel another dude’s cock stroking a chick’s ass while I was pumping her cunt. Dave came around and Sue took his dick into her mouth. Between the moans from her double fucking, she did her best to suck him right. I looked over and Steve was still fucking Amy with his blindfold on. Good thing his girlfriend, Mary, was busy eating Beth’s cunt. We gently triple fucked Sue for several minutes but with all the fucking and sucking that had gone on before, it wasn’t long before I blew a huge load into her cunt. Mark followed, shooting his load all over her back & Steve about choked her with his load. We collapsed into a fucked out pile of wet bodies just at about the same time Mary & Beth came. I looked over and Steve and Amy were still fucking hard and heavy. Steve had lifted Amy’s legs around his waist and she was doing a hand stand as he rocked her world from behind. Steve was slamming her so hard that they were fucking their way across the floor.

“Cool!”, Sue shouted. “Races!” “Let’s have a fucking race!” Before I could come to grips with the suggestion, Beth jumped up, grabbed my hand and told me she was my partner. Steve and Amy stopped long enough to help us push the furniture out of the way and we made a starting line and ending line at the opposite end of the living room. Steve was riding Amy, I had Beth, Mark was riding Sue and Dave was putting the stones to Mary. Beth got down on her all fours, raised her ass into the air while I grabbed her legs, wrapped them around my waist and shoved my dick deep into her waiting pussy. The other contestants did the same. “Winning team gets to choose their next partners,” shouted Beth and someone said go. Having the advantage of practice, Steve and Amy crossed the line first. Sue and Mary were both a bit hampered by their huge tits getting in the way. Amy chose Dave & I ended up riding Sue for the next race. She winked at me, kissed me quickly and told me she was having the time of her life before dropping to all fours. I lifted her legs, inserted my dick and we were off again.

Somewhere it was decided that the races were going too fast so a rule was inserted that the riders had to blow at least one load during the race. Aside from raising the level of difficulty, it didn’t slow the race down too much as we were all so fucking hot that we all blew loads on our partners backs in no time. Sue & I finished a distant third. She and Mary started complaining that they needed a contest they could do good at & they decided to see who was a better titty fuck. It would be a double elimination tournament as two guys would fuck their tits while the other two waited their turn. Just to keep them ready, Amy and Beth volunteered to blow them while they waited. Dave and I lay on our backs & Sue straddled his dick and Mary surrounded mine with her nice tits. It was a close race, but I held back just a little so Sue could make Dave shoot first with me just behind. Sue had Dave next and Mary had Mark. Mary fucked Mark off first and we declared a tie.

I hardly noticed as I was giving Amy the best 11 inches she’d ever had and Steve was doing his best fucking Beth. By that time the entire group was fucking and sucking anyone they could get a hand on. I thought I was dreaming as I was busily thrusting my rock hard cock into some girls gushing pussy while another girl was rubbing her pussy in my face while she was mouth fucking another guy. It was a good thing I was young because I must have shot at least six or seven loads
before somehow ending up in bed with Sue. Somehow, as spent as I was after cumming, I can always get it up for a fresh pussy.

We fell back to sleep and eventually got up a little sheepish and way hungover and I left to drive Sue home. She told me no one was home at her father's house and asked me in for breakfast. I was starving and exhausted and agreed to come get something to eat. The little vixen led me into
the kitchen, dropped her pants, and told me that my first dish would have to be her pussy. What could I do but oblige? I needed some food. So I followed her around the kitchen on my knees doing my best to keep her pussy wet and dripping while she made up a couple bowls of cereal. Not much, but what could I say. It was food and her pussy was tasting mighty fine as well. We polished off the cereal and then polished off a fine piece of ass on the kitchen floor until I was finally able to drag my sore dick out of there. Sadly, I never was able to fuck Sue again. She returned to her home town & I heard a few years later she was married. and never saw Sue again. Which was really too bad as she was a terrific fuck.

You might think the story would end here, but it doesn’t. I got back to the house and slept for 3 or 4 hours when I woke to a loud knocking on the door that wouldn’t go away. I managed to make my way around the pile of still passed out naked bodies to be surprised by my girlfriend, Robin, who had a strange look on her face. She said we needed to talk. I let her in and she asked me what I did for New Year's. With a premonition of impending doom, I told her nothing special. She looked around the room at the naked bodies & I admitted that my roomates had thrown a party. Then she told me that she had returned to school early to surprise me for New Years but as she got to the house she peeked into my window and saw a wild fuck fest going on. Feeling I was not gonna get the best of this I told her my roommates must have forgotten to invite me. She wanted to know why then she saw me fucking some strange girl's tits while another girl was trying to suck my dick and I was busy eating a third girl's pussy.

I knew I was busted but took a stab at saving the day anyways just for the heck of it. I partially confessed that I had been dragged into the party against my will and had gotten too drunk too fast and did participate in a bit of a group fuck fest but I had come to my senses and gotten out of there before anything much more happened. Pretty stupid of me, but I was gonna go down with the sinking ship. She asked me if I had fucked any of those wild, naked girls and I told her no, other than the brief episode of tity fucking (Susanne DID have nice tits). I had extricated myself and locked
myself in my room. To my utter amazement she seemed to think about my answer. She had to know I was bold face lying to her but she told me I was gonna have to prove it. How, I asked. She said if I was not too exhausted by a wild night of impassioned fucking I ought to be able to satisfy her right then and there.

She led me into my room, stripped my cloths off, pushed me down onto the bed and climbed on board my somewhat stiff cock and started riding me like a really pissed off wild cowgirl. As tired and fucked out as I was, I was able to get it up pretty well for a fresh pussy and show her what I thought was a pretty good fuck. Luckily she was fucking me so fast and furiously that we both came after only 15 or 20 minutes of fucking. Much to my consternation, she immediately jumped off my shriveling cock and locked her lips around me and began sucking my worn out dick back to life. She wanted it again, dogie style. I bent her ass over the bed, raised it to the ceiling, and climbed on board and proceeded to give her my, well, I can't really say my best; but at least as good as I could give. She moaned and groaned as I hammered her good, my worn out balls thumping her clit with
each thrust. I didn't have much cum left to give and it took me nearly an hour of exhaustive fucking to shoot a short load into her cunt.

As she knelt to suck my dick back to hardness for a third go around I shouted "no mas" and confessed to the wild fucking New Year's Eve orgy. She told me she knew I was lying but wanted to punish me the only way she knew how and kept sucking and sucking until some blood did begin
to re-gorge my cock. Then she got up, put on her cloths and left me there with an extremely sore woodie. I saw her from time to time around school, but she never would talk to me again. I was busted good. But what a way to go!

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