Chapter 3 - Surviving the Great Blizard  

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3/25/2005 8:38 am

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Chapter 3 - Surviving the Great Blizard

When we last left our hero (me), I had just been busted by my girlfriend when she walked into a little New Year's eve party that had somehow turned into an all out orgy. I tried to explain that I didn't mean to be fucking that strange girls tits and eating that other girl's pussy, I couldn't help myself. She somehow dumped me anyways, leaving me froggy and fuckless.

To pass the time I hung out with my friend, Art. He had been dating the same girl, Pat, for about three years so I would tag along with them, hitting the bars and trying to get lucky.
Three or four weeks went by and I was starting to really feel the pain of pussy separation. Until one night when we ended up back at Pat's apartment after a night of bar hopping and general luckless carousing. We crashed there for a while, easing down a bottle of wine and chatting with Art, Pat, and one of her roommates, Shelly. Shelly was medium height, medium build, medium good looking - just about medium everything, with the exception of an impressive set of hooters. I had never made a move on her before, as she had a steady boyfriend who went to a different college.

Later that night, as Art & Pat went back into her bedroom for some one on one fucking, I got up to leave. Shelly held up the bottle of wine and asked me to stay and help her finish it off. You can get kicked out of the musicians union for turning down free booze, so naturally I sat back down and we passed the bottle back and forth, shooting the shit. As I was getting drunker and drunker, I couldn't help but keep staring at her wondrous tits pushing out from a
tight sweater.

The talk eventually worked its way around to our love lives and I told her a censored version of getting dumped by my girlfriend and how I had hit a long dry spell. She said she noticed I had been staring at her chest and with that she
lifted her sweater up over her head, shoved her tits in my face and told me I might as well get a better look at them. They were even better looking up close and personal. With my dick springing to attention in my jeans, I quickly started fondling and suckling those puppies. This went on for several minutes when she asked me if I wouldn't like to fuck those babies.

Not needing to be asked twice, I tore off my sweat shirt and jeans, as she did the same. I lay back on the couch and she surrounded my stiff cock with those lovely boobs and I started
pumping and pumping. She began moaning louder and louder. Finally, not wanting to wake up the rest of the apartment, she asked if we could go to my place for a night cap. I stuffed my throbbing cock into my jeans as she pulled on my sweatshirt and we rushed to my car. I got the car headed to my place she pulled up her shirt, grabbed my right hand and pressed it against her naked pussy. I fingered her all the way to my
place as she squirmed in ecstasy.

We barely made it in the front door when she dug my still rock hard dick out of my jeans and started giving me one of the best blow jobs of my life. She wouldn't stop long enough to get to my bedroom so I had to maneuver us there with her lips firmly attached to my dick with more suction than a Hoover. We crashed down on my bed and she pushed her legs over my shoulders and begged me to fuck her lights out. I did my very best to oblige ramming my 12" woody in and out and in and out and in and out. We not only fucked most of that night away, but managed to work in a good fucking once or twice as week for the next 2 years until she graduated.

If you are wondering about the blizzard, that part is cuming up. I had to set the stage. The blizzard started on February night as rain, turned to freezing rain, and then turned to snow. The TV stations were talking about the blizzard of the century approaching so I figured I better go out and make preparations. I picked up my tobaggon outside and started trudging toward the carry out for beer! After all, you wouldn't want to become stranded in a blizzard without beer!

I picked up three or four cases of Genesse Cream Ale and headed back home. Pat and Shelly and their two other room mates lived on my way back so it occurred to me that the gentlemanly thing
to do would be to check on them. When I got there they were all freaking. Their boyfriends, all of whom lived in different towns, had called telling them how bad the TV said we were getting hit. At about the same time the electricity went out. I told them to never fear, as I had BEER and we laughed and started working down some Genne 16 ouncers. As they had electric heat, it started to get colder and colder. I suggested we blaze a path to my place because as least I had a gas stove to warm the place.

We got there, fired up the oven & continued to work down the beers. After about an hour or two of this, a couple of the girls had passed out & the other two were nodding, so I got up and went into the kitchen to check on the oven. I didn't realize Pat had sneaked up behind me until I turned around and literally bumped right up against her. Now Pat was a beauty. The popular song at the time was "My Best Friend's Girlfriend" and Ric Ocasic might just as well have written that song for me. I had always dreamed of putting the rod and stones to her, but had restrained myself in deference to my pal, Art. Well Pat had other ideas. Without saying a word, she fell to her knees, unzipped my jeans and pulled out my soft penis. Believe me, once it got the signal, it didn't take my dick but seconds to leap to attention right before her very eyes. "Oh my", was all she said as she placed her lips around my stiff dick
and began blowing the life out of me.

We must have made some sort of noise because we were just getting started when my fuckbuddy, Shelly, wandered into the kitchen. "Hey", she said, "that's MY cock." I told her to be cool that there was enough to go around. So she stripped her cloths off, sat her naked ass on the kitchen table, lifted her pussy to the sky so I could eat it while Pat knelt under the table continuing her righteous blow job. Well don't you know it but our moans and groans must have awakened Kate as she peeked around the kitchen door to see what the heck it was we were doing. Not wanting to be left out, she stripped her cloths off and started rubbing her naked breasts up and down my back, reaching around trying to remove my dick from Pat's mouth so she could play with it.

It was getting a little crowded in there so we made our way to the bedroom, being careful not to disturb the still sleeping 4th roommate, Alie. We made it into the bed room where, after a game of rock, hammer, scissors, it was decided I would start out by fucking Pat's sweet, sweet pussy, while eating Shelly's snatch and finger fucking Kate. On a rotation schedule unknown to me, they periodically switched places and I fucked each of them, one after the other after the other, and on and on until I had blown a load into each of them. Well not exactly. In respect for Art, I pulled out of Pat at the last moment and blew a huge load all over her tits. My jism didn't last long though, as Shelia and Kate immediately licked it off, fighting to see who could lick up the most cum.

Well we finally collapsed into exhaustion and the four of us spent the night, naked in bed. I don't know where Alie slept, but sometime before dawn I was awoken by the sensation of someone's tongue licking up and down my dick. I opened my eyes and there was Alie, sucking my dick back to full hardness. She paused long enough to mention how pissed she was at being left out and went right back to work on my cock. It didn't take long until the other babes woke up and demanded to join in the fun. We were back to a FOUR chick rotation, with me doing my best to fuck each
pussy that placed itself in front of me while at the same time doing my best with my mouth and hands to keep the other three hot and wet and ready.

We lost count of the screams and the orgasms as we fucked like this most of the morning. I eventually passed out from sheer exhaustion (and beer) and it seems as though the four girls kept it going among themselves for a time. It's
kinda hazy, but later that afternoon we were awakened by the phone. It was Art. I had called and told him the night before that I was gonna take all the girls to my place for heat & he had been alright with that. Good thing for me he trusted me. Hey! His trust was well placed. I DID pull out and blow my load all over her titties, didn't I? Anyways, Art said that our city was under 24 hour total curfew, but said that if we could walk out to the highway on the edge of town, he'd come over and pick us all up and take us back to his town which hadn't been hit so bad. It was only about a quarter mile so we said sure.

Even thought the drifts were 20 feet high in places, we managed to make it out of town and back to civilization. The girls and I kept our survival secrets to ourselves and only Shelly
and I kept up as fuck buddies. But we all shared a night of wild assed fucking we'll never forget! And that's how we survived the blizzard.

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