The Fantasy  

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6/22/2006 8:28 pm
The Fantasy

So…here is one (yes, just one) of my fantasies…hopefully one day I can live it out.

I have just met this beautiful woman. Long, brunette hair. Brown eyes. Full lips and a nice round faced coupled by nice firm breasts. Not overly large, but they fit her well…natural. Her ass is firm and legs are muscular. Her skin shines radiantly against the light. Honestly, I can hardly contain myself when I pick her up. Her name was Katie.

We go to dinner. As we go in, I notice that I am not the only one admiring her beauty. Almost every eye in the restaurant turns to notice her as we walk through. I take it as a compliment. As we eat, I watch her lips as she drinks her wine. I watch her breasts swell as she swallows each sip. I’m still enjoing all the wondering eyes taking her beauty in…as well as enjoying the jealous eyes of their dates.

We leave and go to a bar. A new bar that neither of us had been to. After we go in, she takes a quick trip to the bathroom…to fix herself up. She comes out with her breasts all but fully exposed. Every eye watches as she walks towards me, kisses me passionately as she very gently strokes my semi hard cock, and tells me she can’t wait to see where we are later that night. I gently stroke her ass…noticing that she now has no panties on…and say there may be more than just the two of us later in the evening, as I motion to the eyes upon her. She smiles seductively and licks her lips.

We order our first drink, and I quickly turn around and ask two guys to pay “extra” attention to her. One moves behind her, and the other on the side. I continue with normal conversation, as they begin to “admire” her assets and beauty. The one behind her reaches up and gently pulls her hair as he grinds his cock against her ass. The other feels up the inside of her thigh and brushes her tit. I continue in conversation…only smiling slightly. The guy behind her slowly works his hand until his hand is under her skirt and rubbing something…which I assume is her pussy. The other guy continues to massage her tit. I look at her, and I see passion in her eyes, and ask how she is enjoying herself. I am very pleased to hear only a moan in response as she massages my now rock hard cock. I ask her if we should continue all this else where. She never has a chance to answer since the guys over hear me and walk her towards the door. I learn the guys names are James and Mark.

We get a hotel room across the street. As soon as we (the four of us) walk into the room…she instructs us to sit down on the bed. She begins to do a strip tease for us. As she strips, I notice her tits are hard and her pussy is open. I look left and right, and see our two new friends cocks are out…nice and hard. I decide I have to join them and pull mine out. She kneels down in front of me and starts to blow me…very slowly, as she massages the cock of the other guys. James, the guy to my right, reaches around and starts rubbing her pussy…and she starts pushing against his hand in obvious arousal. The other joins suit and rubs her now naked tits. I simply place my hand on her head and begin fucking her mouth. I think she knew I was close to cumming so she started paying attention to James…but not with her mouth, instead with her beautiful tits. She let him titty fuck her as she stroked my cock. I guess Mark felt left out, because he got up and positioned himself behind her.

Mark slowly slid his hard cock into her pussy. I notice she stopped sucking James’ cock as she felt Mark push himself inside her. All I could do was watch in amazement. The girl I had taken out to dinner was getting tagged team by two random guys!!! They started to do her in rhythm, James pushing in as Mark came out, and vice versa. I just started rubbing my dick, watching her. The rhythm slowly quickened. Then, all of a sudden, she pulled away. She said her fantasy would not be fulfilled till she had three cocks in her at once. She pulled James onto the bed and mounted him. She asked Mark to take her in the ass. I knelt next to her mouth and she started blowing me. She was having problems blowing me with all the cocks in her…not a bad problem to have. After a few minutes, she asked us to switch positions. Mark…who was all but ready to cum, took her mouth. I took her ass, and James took her pussy. As we were DP’ing her, I noticed Mark grabbing her head and thrusting his cock into her mouth. Almost at the same instant I saw her struggling to get away, but she knew his cock was staying in her mouth. As Mark pulled his dick from her mouth, I saw his cum sliding out of her mouth…nice and white. As James and I DP’d her, I have to say the feeling was amazing. I could feel his cock fucking her through the thin walls of her pussy. I could feels James bucking and thrusting all over and knew he was about to cum. I also felt Katie starting to convulse…I knew she would cum soon. She started moaning to fuck her every way we could, she couldn’t get enough. I started to feel James’ dick cumming inside Katie. I felt her milking everything she could out of him…but I also knew she still wasn’t satisfied. As he pulled out, I was still fucking her ass…now I was fucking her hard. I reached around to feel her pussy, and could feel the cum leaking out. I had a good bit of James’ cum on my hand and decided to stick my cum soaked fingers into her mouth…which Mark had cummed in earlier. She stil had yet to cum.

As I realized she had not cummed, I pulled out of her ass, and stuck my dick up her cum-moist pussy. I could feel cum spilling out as I filled her pussy with my dick. James’ cum was leaking from her pussy, and her from her mouth, Mark’s cum was flowing. She was warm and all wet and moist and all I could do was fuck her hard. I grabbed the back of her hair and rode her. I rode her till I felt her pussy contracting around my dick and I heard her moaning hard. She pushed her pussy against my waist, sucking up everybit of my dick as possible. She was shaking. Once she was done, I shot another load in that hot pussy. As I pulled out, I watched as more cum leaked from her cum filled twat.

After we were all done, I had to take a look at my beautiful, brunette date. Now with cum dripping from her mouth and pussy…what a sight.

I can’t wait till this happens for real…let me know if you need a dinner paid for…I’m all up for it.

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