Sexiest Wine?  

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7/6/2005 5:23 pm

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Sexiest Wine?

Recently I have read some articles professing Pinot Noir as the sexiest of all wines. Possibly some of this is due to the attention given to it in Sideways. I admit to having a beggar's palette, that is, there are a lot of expensive wines I have yet to try. But here are some of my
impressions on the sexiest wine. A girl once told me that Merlot was her first boyfriend. Bear with me and I will try and explain what she loved about Merlot.
When I taste wine, I like to think of Led Zeppelin, and strawberries. What makes Zep great for me is the dynamics and the wall of sound. The huge drum and bass bottom, Page's thick Les-Paul middles, and Plant's soaring vocals. Like thick bands of sound, colouring in the hertz levels. Similarly, I think of wine as having a bass flavour of raspberry, blackberry, white grape, cherry or plum. The middles are like spices, pepper, rosemary, sage, thyme, liquorice, or cinamon, oatmeal, grass, nuts, straw, toast, and smoke. The highs are the fruit flavours of berries, peach, pear, apple, all the way up to rose petals (Gurwertztraminer). A great wine can taste like five or six of these flavours at once, but I wouldn't necessarily want to have it with food.
I love the delicate flavour of seafood and I prefer to taste it with a reisling. It has a clean crisp character that doesn't block the flavour of the food. Apparently the correct answer on "I Want to Be a Hilton" is Chardonnay. I find most Chardonnay brash (like cymbals) in entrance, syrupy and malolactic in the middle and rudely lingering in finish. Malolactic? I may be using the term wrong, but I think of it like a thick, fermented, octane-like flavour, like a tart green Sauvignon (fume) Blanc with a glass of milk right after. I think the average person's palette is fairly sweet, like Kid Rock and his fondness for Boone's. There is nothing to be ashamed of about that, most wealthy people eat and drink whatever they want whenever they want. There is a fine line between interesting and pompass when it comes to describing wines which have a hint of "pearly shark's breath", but everyone can agree that wines do taste different.
Try buying a pint of strawberries and finding your favorite berry. Some people prefer greener, tarter berries, some the purple berries that taste like blackberry, and other people the sweet berries with tropical pineapple flavours. If you have ever picked fresh berries you know that two plants can be very close together but taste completely different, maybe one is growing where an apple tree used to be and the other in fir needles, who knows? These differences in terroir flavour the berries differently. These are the differences which should be celebrated. Too often oak like tannins seem to cover up the middles of wines, in some vain attempt to make them taste classy.
The most expensive wines tend to be from Bordeaux and are essentially a mix of Burgundy and Merlot. I find Burgundy has more of a plum or cherry base and merlot and pinot noir seem to taste more of blackberry or raspberry, like a "summer pudding" of soft red fruits. I tend to think the Merlot part is what makes these wines great. Aged wine often takes on a port-sherry flavour like cherry syrup, and I think after a while it colours the taste of the drinker towards the burgundy. But it is the wild sweet blackberry complexity of the Merlot that completes the wine. Maybe Merlot on its own is to hedonistic? I think that is the charm.
Some other random wine thoughts: Good Syrah (Shiraz) wines from Australia and South America taste complex to me, like an undiscovered Amazonian species. The poorer ones are boozy and noisy on approach, visit, and exit. Tough enough for duck. Sangiovese often has a flavourful middle, but often starts and finishes quite noisily, but that works with tomato sauce. Semillion on its own is overpoweringly sweet, but blends down the harshness of other whites nicely. Cabernets often have an aluring current or cassis flavour.
Though I don't drink wine alone any longer, I enjoy a glass or two on special occasions and to me, that means with great food. Anyone have a nominee for sexiest wine? What about the most romantic time you have shared a bottle? Sexy wine experiences?

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7/15/2005 9:36 am

I think the great red French Bordeaux wines are sexiest because they have such hedonistic and complex flavors. They are a mix or meritage of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, with a little of other grapes. The 1978 Mission Haut Brion is a favorite. I also love the grat sweet Sauternes in small quantities as an after dinner drink: D'Yquem, Climens and Suiderant. I think champagne is always sexy. Love Vive Cliquot, Tattinger, Bollinger and Krug.

rm_Swalllllow 59F

10/21/2005 1:56 pm a bottle of my favorite wine tonight..Fetzer Eagles Peak Merlot...i'll be the one in the stockings/garters/heels...see you tonight lover....I know what im going to dip in my wine to taste...OH MY!!!!

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