My Friends Many Faces  

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8/20/2006 1:12 am

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My Friends Many Faces

It seemed like it was a long time coming but your birthday finally arrived, and though we were only joking about it before, I went ahead and arranged for four of my good friends to come over for a barbeque with us. Girls Gotta Rhythm was cranked and the tv was on showing a porn movie with the sound off. I had just brought the salad out to the table as I watched you get up to pour yourself some more wine. As you sped past, I caught your hand and gracefully guided you to the stool beside the couch.

The timing was perfect because as I flipped my rock solid cock out of my shorts, the woman on the tv was doing the same to two young studs. I watched your colour go bright red but before you had the chance to protest I slid deep into your mouth and called out "Craig, get over her and give my poor girl some cock!" No sooner said then done, and he had his jeans undone, sliding his cock tentatively at your neckline. No slackers, John, Chad, and Todd looked me in the eye and with a nod, joined us.

I remember two things most about that night, the first was how beautiful you looked, your face glowing as you moved from cock to cock, trying to give all of us equal treatment. You seemed particulary nuturing to Todd who seemed the most nervous about the situation, as opposed to Craig who was starting to greedly demand your throat. The second thing I remember noticing was the differences in our faces when we came. John came first and his whole body convulved, his eyes closed tightly shut and his lips hanging open. That seemed to send Chad over the edge, and fitting his relaxed nature, he slowly rolled his head backward with his eyes wide open and a big huge grin while slowly coming stream after stream.

Todd, Craig and I took a little longer, Craig lunged deep in your mouth and grunted deeply, his eyes and face scrunched up like he was angry or in pain, his body slowly heaving. Todd and I came at the same time shortly after, each of us spashing a side of our tounge and cheek, I watched as he jutted his chin out, concentrating, still and silent, similar to me in the way he seemed to be forcing the pulse out of his cock for maximum squirt except I was smiling gently at you looking at you deep in the eyes and growling my long low rumble once again.

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