Fine Red Mist  

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5/13/2005 8:34 pm

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Fine Red Mist

A long time ago, I was camping with a girlfriend and a friend of mine. We had driven over to a party at a nearby campsite. It was just getting dark and I had wandered off to water a cactus, when one of my buddies came running up to me, telling me that buddy (in-the-raiders-hat) was loaded and had come at my girlfriend, grabbing her by the crotch and groping away at her. I zipped up and raced back. When I got there, she was sitting in my truck, looking pretty upset.

Buddy was standing off-balance by the fire with a beer in his hand, looking stupid and drunk. I made like I was going over to one of the beer coolers, then at the last second I rushed him, using both hands to pull him towards me, smashing my forehead into the bridge of his nose. A fine red mist clouded up into the air and he collapsed backwards like a bag of cement. Out cold. I don't know what ever became of him, but I got in my truck and we drove back to our campsite.

She cried a little and seemed shaken but she was more worried about me, I guess I was covered in blood. "I'm fine." I told her, but the truth was something had happened. I don't know if it was the adrenaline, or the rich-iron taste of blood on my mouth but I was hard as a rock. I lay down on my back and she cuddled in under my arm, half on my chest. It wasn't long before she noticed my state, and she began gently stroking my cock. As the tent grew dark, we began exploring each other's bodies and before long our pants were off. She rose up above me, then slowly eased my cock into her pussy. My cock was so hard and thick, she had a little trouble at first, but soon we were rocking back and forth in our familiar rhythms. I couldn't get enough of her. Soon I had rolled her onto the sleeping bag and was pounding into her fiercly. She moaned and, at times, screamed so loud that night, it's a wonder the campsite didn't kick us out. I came five times over that night but my hard-on would not go down. I had been fucking her savagely from behind and into the floor of the tent for almost an hour, when I saw the sun starting to come up. I gave up on coming again and we collapsed together, drenched in blood and sweat. My cock still hard and thick and throbbing. We laughed because we both had pretty sore hips for the next couple days, but we never discussed this camping weekend ever again.

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