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"God I hate those fucking frogs!" she said, curled up on the couch wearing my blue pajamas. "You don't even know most of them ... should we bring the 3-man tent or the four-man?" I ask. She continued, "My father says if they get into Ottawa they will tear apart this country." I smile, "Ottawa?? is that somewhere near Prince George?" "I am serious!" she demanded. "Your father is just a man, not everything he says is Gospel. For example, I have seen the way he chops wood." I drawl. She giggles, "Okay, so maybe he is not so good at that!" I pack the skillet, the wine opener, and some kitchen utensils into a box. "What kind of dessert do you want to have?" I ask as I begin packing the cooler. "SMORES!!!" she yells at the top of her lungs and gives me a cute look. I smile, knowing they are already packed. I can finish up in the morning so I come over to join her on the couch.
"I know you have had a really long week, but I want you to know I am proud of you." She pouts, "It has been a long week, my back is so sore." "Okay, roll over then, let the doctor check you out." I line up both my thumbs with her spine at the base of her back and start gliding them upward, inspecting for tightness. Her backstraps are both tight again, probably from wearing heels. I continue upward finding one tight knot just below her right shoulder blade. I leave the room and microwave the rice bag for her back, I return and place it over her backstrap. Meanwhile, I begin massaging the area just below her shoulder, getting deeper and deeper, until I have the troublesome muscle isolated. I begin to apply heavy pressure with my thumb, sinking deep into the little muscle until I feel it release. I finish massaging the surrounding muscles until they are flat. I move down to her lower back and begin massaging the heat into her muscles, working the tightness away from her spine and towards each of her hips. My pajama top rides up a bit and I can see the start to her cleavage and the two spots at the base where she says she has been marked as an angel. "Hey quit poking me!" she jokes, reaching her hand around. I look down to see what she means, and realize I have gotten hard. The tip of my cock is pressing through my shorts and grazing her thighs and butt. "Let me check your calves." I say, tugging down her pajama bottoms and rubbing the tightness from her tired muscles. I work back up to straddling the back of her thighs, letting the head of my cock rest lightly against the edge of her pussy. My cock bobs back and forth as I work on her lower back, working muscle groups one layer at a time, until I reach the deepest source of tightness. I work this area very slowly for ten minutes, I know it must be tender. Meanwhile my cock continues to have a mind of its own, bouncing around between her thighs. As I pull back, I can see a crystal clear stream of pre-come stretching from her pussy to my cockhead. I prop my body up on my arms and reach over her, petting and kissing the soft hair just above her ear. "I love being alone with you," I whisper in her ear. She moans and all at once thrusts back onto me, suprising me. I feel my pulse in my cock as it is surrounded by white hot heat. I hesitate for a time, allowing only my cock to touch her, deep inside her. Then I slowly embrace her all over. I am like a big warm blanket, pulling her into the warmth and safety of my arms.

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5/19/2005 8:33 am

Very nice...can't wait to read your next blog.

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6/2/2005 5:31 pm

wish your other stories had this depth.

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