Environmental Triage  

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8/20/2006 12:42 am

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Environmental Triage

It seems sometimes with all of the signal to noise it is difficult to tell what the most pressing environmental problem is, but I think we can all agree it is logical to put the problems in order of seriousness and handle each of them. Since Paul Mchartney has used his vast fortune to buy up all the seal clubs we don't have to worry about the poor baby sealywealys anymore. Of course, we haven't hunted white-coats in probably twenty years, but never too late right? We can get down to the number one problem: DEFORESTATION. bar none.

We probably won't be able to quit fossil fuels until about the time we run out of them so focusing on that seems pointless. The Kyoto protocol is doomed to failure, mostly because of its name, leaving the impression it is "to help Japan" (and who wants to help them, right?)
Now if they had called it the Chicago Oprah Protocol...

So we are resigned to a little global warming for a couple hundred years. The only way to counteract the warming (,short of us all leaving the fridge door open and getting screamed at by mom,) will be to let the lungs of the planet do their job. Of course, this could take some time too, The Volkswagon Beef Ranch and Clearcut which "does not sell its product to the North American market" can be seen from space it is so large. Not to mention the shallow soil horizons and lateritic soils...

Maybe we can get Paul and Oprah to buy Brazil and turn it into a park...

rm_the_taker 44M
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12/26/2006 12:20 am

Of course, there are other options. Most notably in my mind is ending arena events. Having hundreds of people drive into downtown victoria at noon to hear Clinton adress global warming (fresh from a limo and airplane,) seems incongruent. Though I am a fan of concerts, I realize the Tragically Hip probably don't need my money, I will try and find an up and coming local act that night, or play my guitar. Maybe its time for the Hockey and Football players to play quietly at the arena, while we cheer at home or on the internet. Ottawa could act decisively and curtail these events, but are we willing to go along? They could also shut down SUV production in Canada tomorrow, if Buzz Hargrove didn't feel that buying "interim slightly less polluting cars" would prop up the CAW. Beyond that, the mindless chatter and conjecture in the media is meaningless. I don't think a reporter should be allowed to ask a politician something they themselves couldn't attempt to answer. Per Trudeau "what would you have me do?" Meanwhile unbelievably, Harper will be in his 90's or passed on when his "Fifty Year" plan is in place. Pretty slick for a sidekick...

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