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6/10/2005 5:00 pm

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Conversation Snipit

Me: "one more time, What is it you want sweetie?"
You: "your cock?"
Me (fucking your mouth roughly): "I am pumping your pretty face like its a cunt."
Me (pulling your eyes up toward me by your hair) "Do you want me to stop choking you with
my cock or do you like being treated like a slut?"
You (gasping for air): "yes rrrr no.."
Me: "Okay your babbling now sweetie, now suck." (pressing my cock deep in your mouth, driving it deep until you cough and your eyes water.) "Thats right, Just suck."
Me: "Tell me what kind of girl likes to be treated like this?"
You (voice shaking a bit): "A wwwwh whore?"
Me: "One more time."
You (a bit louder): "A whore?"
Me: "Louder!"
You (more assured): "A whore."
Me (slapping your cheek rapidly a few times): "Thats enough talking for you now sweetie, lets just keep this between my cockhead and the back of your throat." I use my cockhead to push your cheek into a bulge, holding it there until I hear you wimper. "Now Pump."
You: Coughing a bit you start giving me your throat.
Me: "Faster, give me your throat." (grabbing you by your ponytail I shake your head back and forth on my cock, like I am shaking up a beer can)
Me: "Have you had enough?"
You (coughing): "thhuh, hakahhukk..." (you pull off me spitting on the ground, catching your breath)
Me: "No, its never enough for girls like you is it?" I pound away at your face, spit going in every direction)
Me: "Now tell me what is it you want more than anything?"
You: "Your come?"
Me (slapping your cheek): "Again."
You: "Your come."
Me: Where do you want it?
You: "On my face."
Me: "Why there?"
You: "So everyone can see how pretty I am and who I belong to..."
Me: "Thats right, now suck me just a few more times and I will let you go."
(As you begin to suck, I trigger my orgasm and pull out of your mouth, coming all over the bridge of your nose.)
Me (dragging you over to the mirror): "Now don't you look beautiful? Don't you look intelligent? Who is my special girl?"
You (smiling proudly at yourself in the mirror): "I am."

rm_Swalllllow 60F

10/26/2005 2:37 pm

OH MY GAWD BABY!!!!! You wrote this on June 10th!! This sounds like what happened last night!!!! Imagine my surprise when I read this today...after this past weekend, and last night!!!!! HILARIOUS!! Was it a premonition...perhaps...Yes, on my face everyone can see who I belong to....

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