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3/12/2006 7:33 am

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New Fantasy

I have dreams about being the center of attention. Being with a group of people and having them caress me. Now I will add caming to this dream. I loved being able to see as well as feel my lover behind me while he and she were massaging my back and ass while I was giving my other partner a BJ. Hearing the moans and excitement of the other couple while we were in the midst of our own erotic encounter was unbelievably excitng. When C and I were playing in front of the cam I was amazed to discover that 300 people were watching us and felt like a movie star. This experience has really brought out the exhibitionist in me and I can't wait to cam again; so we will have to buy our own cam and computer soon. Multi-tasking. . . I tried to multi-love but I need more practice. . . lol. . . T and my hubby were sitting on each side of C so I tried to stroke each of thier cocks while I licked her clit but I kept on getting distracted . . mmm. . .I'd feel one of the men pulse against my hand then I'd hear someone moan then C would quiver it was a sensation overload just happening too fast to absorb all of it. I want to squeeze every drop from these encounters and so maybe I'll have to be a little less greedy.
I write down my experiences to let me relive them and to help me understand what it is I like or not about what we do. But I really get a kick out of seeing how many people read my thoughts and I wonder what fantasies or thoughts it makes them have. I have had a few people tell me they have enjoyed what I write, but mostly I just fantasize about you readers and give you names like Mary and John. So while I'm writing I think I bet after Mary and John read this they'll have great sex. SO . . did you?

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3/12/2006 8:45 am

Purry {=}


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