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6/14/2006 6:07 pm

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One of the most amazing things that has resulted from this sexual experimenting is the new things I have learned about myself. I never directed a man in bed, just let my body's response tell him when something felt good or not so good and never really thought about it. Now I know that I get turned on when someone sucks my fingers but not my toes. Brushing my hair and rubbing and kissing the sides and back of my neck can bring me to the point of orgasm. My lower back and inner thighs are directly connected to my pussy and attention there will get the juices really flowing. I like a circular motion around my clit instead of back and forth motion and when its a finger it needs to be licked so it is good and wet. I am discovering new likes and dislikes everyday and wonder if other people are as surprized by new things like I am. How about you what is your favourite thing to do?

rm_licndip2 66M
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10/6/2006 6:46 am

Enjoy a woman who's open enough to direct my actions, makes it easier on me to give the pleasure she seeks. Taking the quest work out it, makes for more heated, as well as more of them, cums. Just the fact of the circular action on your clit, or the spots that drive you wild, helps one give you that best of times. And, ain't that what's all about, lol! So ladies, keep that in mind, help your partner out, tell where and how. Let's leave the experimenting for the that time while in the afterglow!

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11/8/2007 11:39 pm

Love to have "company" in our bed and both provide and be treated to one of our favorite "assistive stimulations during penetration. I'm referring to those mind bending pleasures provided us/them via our a strategically placed, lapping tongue(s)... expertly applied to a cpl's engaged genitalia as they make love courtesy of others.
Those of you who have never experienced the fire and ice sensations of a hungry mouth (or 2) bathing the two of you (especially on the out stroke), with all the uh-hmm, .... "accidental" vaginal misalignments resulting in that total oral stroke ..., or the classic "how clumsy of me" lingual to anal overshoot for each of you ......perhaps a vacation in Bangkok may be your salvation. But anyway... on several occasions in the midst of such "goings ons", we've also enjoyed our guest's technique of grasping the testicles and using gentle but firm pressure, pushing them up into a very engorged, very wet, and very aroused vulva...holding them in place as the tongue bathing intensifies and we both ejaculate that "key lime" blend we've all learned to enjoy so much. Highly recommended

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11/16/2009 10:32 am

wow, all the sex talk on your blog really got me rock hard just reading. Keep up the good work.

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