Why women do not like nice men...  

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5/31/2006 2:36 am

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Why women do not like nice men...

How many men are out there, thinking of them selves that they are nice, understanding and affectionate but still spend their sunday evenings alone in front of the TV asking them selves the question of their life: "Why doesn't a women want me?"

Well, before I answer this, let me define the typical attributes of a Mr.Nice Guy. Only for those men who shave them selves every morning in endless self-denial with a poster of Sylvester Stalone in front of the bath room mirror, to recognize them selves.

Perfect: a steel hard body without brain!
You have lots of beautiful, intelligent women around yourself, and you desired each of them once.
Every single one of those women answered your proposal - brought forward in a noble italian restaurant, with a thousand red roses in your hand - with the following words: "You really are a nice guy and i really like you, but only as a friend!"

And because you are such a really nice guy...
you accepted her plea "Let's stay friends, okay?" in stead of telling that bitch in front of you that she could at least spread her legs once for that expensive dinner.
For example like she does it for her monthly changing idiot of a boyfriend who beats her up at least twice a week and also betrays her with her best friend.

Where do you know that from? After all, you are her crisis line. Your number is saved in her cell phone at the very top of the speed dials.
Needless to say under "Grandma" or "Tanja", cause the European boyfriends she has at the moment are totaly jealous. Most times she calls you at 3 in the morning, when the black eye still is fresh and regardless of that she just had conciliation-sex with him 5 minutes ago.
From time to time she jerks you with the rusted nail file only deeper in your heart, telling you "If he would just be a little bit more like you!" while she ruins your brand new Shirt with water proof mascara.

A little bit like me? Girl, here you could get 100% of me, why doesn't you get that into your stupid blonde head?
But still you wait, because you're totaly sure that she will someday leave that mucle-bound jerk-head and realize that you are the right one.
Yes, and time proofs your right in that point: one day she's standing in your doorway, crying till your wooden floor begins to wave. He's gone, left me, an ashole who's only thinking with his dick, you were so right,...
Since years you waited for that moment, ready to take over... then she sais: "Your friend Sebastian, is he still single?" And in just that moment, you wish there would still be the burning of witches...

But as you are a really nice guy...
you'll be the witness to her marriage when she's marrying Sebastian next week.

Your Ex-grilsfriends who strayed into your life in an attack of pitifulness for a short time (and because merciful aid organizations were "in") without exception talk only good about you. They say that you were affectionate, understanding and a great listener and that you always were there for them when they needed you. And of course that you would be the best partner a women could wish for. But the sentence "You are my best mate and the only one that really understands me!" was told you that often, that you should hold the copyright for it.

To the question, why she left you then, she answers that she doesn't know it herself and the she will most likely regret it someday...
Now everybody thinks you're a total blank in the bed... You start to regret that you never lived out your sado-maso fantasies out of respect for her during your relationship.

But as you are a really nice guy...
you still are, even after your split up, affecionate, understanding, a good listener and always there for her (even if your subconscious tells you that they did not really lose something this way and you are just plain stupid).

In the disco you often have long and serious conversations with women. You gave them a glass of water after a hot dance phase and paid them compliments on their charisma and their ear rings. Everyone of them is impressed by your intelligence, your knowledge, your humor and your reticent attitude. She is happy about you beeing interessted in what she does and what moves her.
All the other men usually talking to her are only after the one thing...
Some minutes later she leaves the disco together with that strange looking guy who interrupted your conversation with the words "You got a hot ass! You join me in my appartment?"

But as you are a really nice guy...
you drive after them and wait in front of the run down house in a disctrict where you even wouldn't trust an 80 year old nun, for her to come out again. At dawn she leaves the house terrified, crying and with riven clothes.
You drive her home and she assures you thankfully that she will call.
After about 6 miles you realize that you didn't even exchange telephone numbers with her.

Did you recognize yourself? You're sitting in front of the monitor and since 10 minutes you say "Yes, true! But WHY is that?"

Reason 1: Somebody who can listen to a women to every time of the day or the night as good as you do is very rare. And that is your death sentence, because, to say it with the words of a bulimia-girl: "I never eat there, where i barf".
This means for you that she likes to dump her problems with you but she will get her fun somewhere else, not at her mental junk yard.

Reason 2: Nice men are boring. They don't spread that tingly promise of a exciting marlboro-man-with-masculine-beard-adventure. Women are horse whisperers; they want to tame wild studs and not ride on a pony-trail.

Reason 3: Women do know what they want and are happy if someone decides for them. Men, like you who leave them all ways open and show them "It will end how you like it, i will do everything you say, i will be there when you ask for me"
will someday sadly have to ask "where do you want to go?", when his adored one leaves with the guy who told her "You want to fuck with me, admit it!".

Reason 4: Well, the crucial factor is the fact that somewhere in the great book of human history it sais that nice men must not come together with nice women.
It seems to be a physical and psycological problem of polarity, like with magnets, (+) and (+) reject each other.

What does that finaly mean for you?

You have to become a reckless asshole, who gives shit about the feelings of a women.

But as you are a really nice guy...
you will continue following your line and hope that someday physical laws will change.

Well, that's the way it is...

Like to hear what you think about this. Exspecially the women

Darkpassion 57F

5/31/2006 4:29 am

I'm a nice woman so know the problem well. What i see is that 2 nice people pretty much as your description can't cause a spark because there is no trauma. What's the saying misery loves company and people love to bitch. No misery, no bitching, no spark.

There just has to be a middle way......i'm off to find it!

theGermanboy21 33M

6/1/2006 6:03 am

well, when i found it, tell me!

but somehow i seem to be giving up...

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