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11/1/2005 12:40 pm

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You suffer from clothestrophobia;

You're indignant because the police are always breaking in and trying to get the goods on you;

You order your salad without dressing;

You mark every morning as the start of a nude day;

Even your sewing machine is without a stitch;

You're the camp's best golfer- you can go around the course in nothing;

You enjoy the colony's anthem: Stares and Strips Forever;

You're a nudist lawyer, but ever since you've joined the camp, you haven't had a suit;

Your bossy nudist significant other tells you how not to dress;

Your daughter won't join the camp until after her wedding- she wants to be married in white;

You were expelled from the nudist camp...

for breathing in short pants;

for putting on airs;

for ordering panties on your lambchops and jackets on your baked pototoes;

because you had a coat on your tongue;

For committing the social error of not looking the camp administrator in the eye when you met;

for being a peeping were caught looking out the knot hole at the people passing by outside;

being so absent minded that you went out one time with clothes on!

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