More scams  

the49YOvirgin 62M
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10/8/2005 4:38 am

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More scams

The thing that inspired me to write today was meeting a woman with a lot of fantasies. I am here to learn. So I'm pretty willing to try to make her fantasies come true. Well, what is her first fantasy? "I want to be your hooker and to have you really pay you to have sex with me." So the difference between satisfying her fantasy and just paying a real hooker is . . . .? And when we are arrested, the courts will see the difference from the act of prostitution clearly as . . . . . ?

This is not my first contact with a prostitute who is using AdultFriendFinder to book her services. There are several who have some beautiful women in the profile. When I write in, she isn't available but someone who looks just like her is. And I was redirrected to the website with the actual rate sheet. Its all a la carte, choose what acts you wish her to do with you--each one with a price. I must be pretty naive. I reported them, but you can't stop it. I have seen the same picture and similar contact information show up at least four other times.

I guess I look at a lot of the profiles. When you are a loser like me you have to cast a wide net to find just the occasional small fish.

the49YOvirgin 62M
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10/8/2005 4:43 pm

Thank you Kat for the comments. I guess I have to look at my situation from the perspective of both society and my desires. I had no intention of waiting this long to get sexually and socially active. In both perspectives, a guy who has sex for the first time at age 49 and worse yet gets his first kiss at age 50 (yes, I found sex first) is considered a loser. Its just a reality.

I do not seek a volume of partners, that only seems to be a necessity because most of the people I meet in the AdultFriendFinder world ARE seeking lots of variety in their partners, or at least the ones I have met haven't stuck with anything ongoing. What I do seek is a volume of opportunity--to learn and to appreciate. My ultimate goal will be to go off into the world not knowing I have a deficiency, but with the confidence that I (have gotten past that deficiency and) can consistently satisfy my true love, whoever that may come to be. Either I will find her in the process of learning, or can seek her on an equal footing when I am confident I have learned what I need to know.

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