Fraud sites, pass the word v3  

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11/2/2005 5:08 pm

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Fraud sites, pass the word v3

I have tried several times to get this post on and read by people. AdultFriendFinder keeps censoring it. I'll try again. I will not include the full extentions to these names. Add your own dot com to the end of these names.

It has been a long road to get to where I am, an old, marginally sexually confident man. In the process of finding the answer, which was the internet, specifically here on AdultFriendFinder, I found more rouses than I can count. I should be itemizing them better, but I want to get the word out.
B a n g m a t c h is a fraud.
A m a t e u r m a t c h is a fraud
What I suspect these sites of doing is employing people to write teasing responses to males under the header of an interested female 's profile. They will engage in teasing conversation, real communication, real answers but never any advancement--no results. At a cost of say $30 a month, a few minutes with an employee each week or so can keep a guy like me hooked for a while.
I suspect the same thing of
f i n d a n e w l o v e r
These look like big impressive sites, but nothing came of it. To make things clear, it is the behaviour of the women, en masse, on these sites that make me claim fraud. Having actually conversed with, had meetings with and real sex with women from AdultFriendFinder I have learned a great deal about how women communicate. I am not a savant by any means, but the fraudulent ones leap out at you. You learn to see the patterns if you work as hard as I am working to get laid.
I will say all webcam girls, the ones with sites and age verification are fraud. I get regular e-mails from Ashley, Kelly, Morgan, Candy, Laura The last name changes from day to day but the destination webpages do not. They are frequently not even addressed to me, but are part of a bulk e-mail Shit, how stupid are men when they just think with their dick?
There cannot be anybody more desperate to find sex than I. I have so much still to learn and so little time to do it in. These are just facts I am aware of. So I am out there trying. As I do, this is what I am finding.
There is one more scam I want to expose, but I can't find the name (s) of it. It has several. Let me describe the scam and I will edit this post if I find the names. You sign up for the initial free period. During that time your e-mail box is flooded by women, 20-30 a day. Damn I must not be a looser after all. But you can't read the e-mail until you sign up. Well stupid desperate me, I paid to sign up. And what I found, day after day, was short, generic e-mails from women all over the world. There is a function on the site where you can e-mail to anybody under the specifications you list and you are rewarded for the number of contacts. So if there were a legitimate woman, she could choose male and every male on the site, world wide gets her e-mail. She may be in Romania, she may be in Zimbabwe. You get a copy and she racks up points. It takes forever just to load, read and delete each useless e-mail. Zero of the ones I read were even from my heavily populated state.

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