He makes me feel....  

the46peakzone 57F
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10/24/2005 6:35 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

He makes me feel....

I am at work. I decide to go get a coffee.
And there he is again, in the coffee shop.
All 6'4" of him.
He is watching me.
I talk to the owner of the coffee shop, I can feel him standing behind me. We have never spoken to each other. Seems almost forbidden. He knows that I am aware of him.
The owner, gives me the coffee, but I have to brush past this man to get my creamers, sugar and stir stix and cover.
He doesn't move out of the way; my butt brushes past the front of his trousers.
I can feel him.
Still he doesn't move; I brush against his left arm.
I am aroused.
I falter trying to pick up the creamers. I can feel him staring at me; the back of my neck tingles (he is far away from me and yet its as if he is softly blowing on my neck with his breath).
He is watching my every move. His eyes never leave me.
I return to my cup of coffee on the counter. I am facing the counter and he is facing me at a right angle, looking down at me.
I look up at him and our eyes lock.
His eyes are caressing my eyes.
My face.
My cheekbones.
My lips.
Yet his eyes never leave my eyes. I am completely aroused. My nipples become erect, pushing thru the fabric of my bra, pushing thru my black turtle neck sweater. I wonder if he knows what he does to me, the way he makes me feel.
I turn away now to add the creamers, to add the sugar, stirring my coffee and placing the lid on the cup.
He is watching my hand, my long slender fingers with the natural-french manicured nails push the lid down on the cup.
Would he want me to rake my fingers down his neck onto his chest? Would he want my hands to rake down the back of his spine and firmly stop at his buttocks,grab them in my hands, pulling him close to me? I can smell him. I am thoroughly aroused.
He is watching me.
He wants to say something to me.
I want to kiss him. I want to feel him through the fabric of our clothes.
I am breathless in arousal.
With no words spoken, he makes me feel so sensual. He makes me feel like the woman I am.
I want him.

Sweetgenie_girl 41F

10/26/2005 7:13 am

MMmmmmm, who is this guy? I can only admire a man who has the strenght, sensibility and charisma to arouse a woman by barely touching her...Keep us posted on new developpement with Coffee Man.

BTW, welcome to blogland, such a pleasure to have another talented writer here!

ru4passion63 53M
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10/31/2005 5:05 am

Very cool, this guy must have quite a presence to affect her that way!! What's important here though is not him but her, what a sensual woman. She oozes sensuality and desire, very sexy!!!! With an imagination like that she must take a lot of pleasure in her physical relationships. Sounds like a very hot partner. Would have liked to hear the continuation, if she follows him into the elevator. Does she give into her desires and push the emergency STOP, turn to him and start running her hands all over him, kissing him frantacilly to satisy her lust.
A follow up is definately needed!!!

2hommes4u 53M/M

11/3/2005 7:14 am

Very nice!! I suggest that at your next coffee shop meeting a shy smile is in order to start things up..surely he will smile back! If not, it is only your imagination that made him so attractive...Good luck!

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