Random thoughts on the chat.....  

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3/15/2005 6:03 pm

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Random thoughts on the chat.....

Just spent some fruitless time in the chat and wondered about a few things. First off, the advertisers. We all know them, the ones who repeatedly run posts about how well hung they are, that their cam is on, they're close to cumming and then throw out their im address. Does this actually work? I'm guessing not since if it did, I doubt I'd see the same people running those posts more than once or twice. If it did, they'd get down to business rather than flood a chat with their im addy over and over again..... Personally, I'd think they'd be better served (and probably save money) by getting a banner ad on the site *shrug*

Secondly, why the hell doesn't anyone respond to a simple hello. Granted, I know shit scrolls off fast so sometimes it gets past a person but when you say hello to 15 or so people and not one responds, you wonder. Saying hello isn't saying I'll fuck you (well, at least not where I come from but if there's a place like that, I'd love to know about it, lol). What's the harm in a brief response?

Those aside, the chats provide a great deal of fun. Sometimes you actually find someone worth chatting with and other times you can watch people make idiots of themselves. Myfavorites are the guys who immediately pounce on any (F) entering a room with reading the profile. Always fun to watch a guy try and pick up a woman who's looking for another woman, lol

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