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10/5/2005 12:41 am

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Working Fantasy

I can imagine working away at my computer and taking a break to look at your latest set of pictures you sent on m s n.

I take one shoe off and take one leg out of my pants and cover my cock with peach yogurt. Then sitting back in my chair I slowly slide my hand up my length, massaging over the top only once every fifth stroke. My other hand is massaging my balls.

I imagine that you crept under my desk while I was working with no pants on and have started licking underneath my balls and taking them both into your hot mouth while your dainty hands slowly tease my shaft. Sometimes you run your fingernails into my skin to help me maintain control. If you feel me getting too far on, you stop and lightly dig them in along my length while lightly clamping my bag between your teeth.

After I have been just to the point of no return twice, you take me into your mouth. My tip reaches the back of your throat. You hold it there not moving as I enjoy the heat and the pressure. Your tongue starts to twitch along the bottom side of my shaft, then it begins to slide about a quarter inch up and down. The rest of your mouth is still not moving.

Finally you swirl over the head, once, twice,, not too fast.. hold on now... then you feel I am past holding and the suction begins. By now I've pushed back from the desk so you've got head room.

I slide forward in my chair to give you total access. You drive me into the back of your throat as far as you can.

You are proud of having control over your gag reflex. It takes control (and practise).

You look up into my eyes as I feel the pressure and heat. Your hands are still massaging my balls and sliding along my thick vein right up to my anus. Your finger massages my hole each time it ends up there.

Slowly at first, your mouth sucks my length and holds at the tip. I feel your cheeks and lips squeezing my swollen hot rockhard cock. I can't hold on any longer.. you match the pace of my bucking hips, and my hot sweet jism shoots into your throat. (its sweet since an hour back I had a peach yogurt cup.... or an orange,, or banana..
(next time I'll write you about adventures with a microwaved banana peel!) Still attached, you hold still during my sensitive period, then after a minute, your tongue starts again... to ready me for entry into your tight little ass.

Actually I'd love to bring you to climax before and after,, it is more fun and lasts alot longer! ; )

So.. how about letting me know how you'd like me to make you come with my tongue!

Come back soon!

I'll write about us hiking into a meadow,
the time I joined you with another man,
and then the time we met in a public washroom!


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