Booted & suited part 4.  

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Booted & suited part 4.

OK for those few who want more here is the next instalment Please don't forget to check out Jenny Jane Pope's website. I can't post the URL here so do a little research & check out the in the UK


Terri Anne.


It was a very subdued Martine who emerged from the bathroom some little while later, for she was truly caught on the horns of a dilemma. On the one hand, the fact that she had enjoyed the bedroom session with Kerri every bit as much as what Lois had done to her at the hairdressing salon proved that she still retained the ability she had had as a male to find females attractive, but on the other hand, she had enjoyed both experiences as a woman herself.

Not that she had any alternative, for there was not even the vestige or a trace of masculine genitalia between her thighs now, just a constantly moist vagina and what seemed to be a permanently engorged clitoris, as though the outfit, not merely content with changing her male body to female, seemed determined to turn her into a female who was permanently switched on for sex. At least she didn't fancy men, she thought and then added a silent codicil to that statement.

At least she didn't fancy men yet.

Kerri was waiting for her in the bedroom, already changed into a very smart, but also very sexy lime green vinyl number, that covered arms, shoulders and neck, but whose hemline stopped just short of revealing her stocking tops and only then if she walked very carefully. Martine felt the heat rising in her groin once more and shook her head. Kerri looked at her, questioningly.

`What's the matter? Headache?' Martine shook her head again.

`No, it's nothing,' she said, tearing her eyes off Kerri's thighs with some considerable difficulty. `I suppose it's just a combination of everything.' She waved her gloved hands, expansively, indicating herself and the whole world in general. `I mean, this is all too crazy for words and yet here I am, having lesbian sex romps when I should be desperately wanting the wherewithall back to do something I'm used to, but I don't - or at least, I didn't, not at the time.'

`And now?' Kerri raised her eyebrows. `Are you wishing you still had a prick to fuck me with?'

`I wish you wouldn't put it so crudely,' Martine snapped. Kerri merely smiled.

`It's the truth, though, isn't it?' she challenged. `You've still got that male ego hiding in there somewhere and yet you enjoyed just now every bit as much as anything we ever did before. More, if anything.'

`I know and that's part of the trouble. I keep looking at you and wanting ... ' Her voice trailed off and she turned away. `Oh, what's the point of trying to explain?' she sighed. Kerri changed tack.

`Are you feeling tired?' she asked. `Only we can forget tonight, if you really want to.'

`No,' Martine said. `And that's another thing. I can sleep all right in this stuff and yet I don't seem to feel tired at all. It's weird. If I lay down and close my eyes, I can drop off easily enough, but if I decide to stay awake, that works, too. It's as though I've been given total control of my body in one way, as a sort of compensation for having it taken over and changed in the other, if you see what I mean.'

`I guess so,' Kerri said. `Well, if you're not tired, let's get you ready to party, my girl. I've got a real stunner for you this evening. Here, look at this.'

The dress was black leather, again a close enough match to the curious fabric in which Martine was trapped, so that no onlooker would have noticed the difference. It had long sleeves, which could be tightened with laces, so that the ends of the gloves that remained visible looked as if they were part of the same garment and more lacing at the back, so that it could be drawn tightly to Martine's shape.

The skirt was a sheath, but split on one side to mid-thigh, revealing the top of one boot and a considerable area of stockinged thigh. At the top, the collar was high and fitted snugly around the collar of the corset, again giving the impression that the original collar was part of the overall design. Martine viewed herself in the mirror.

`Jeez, but this is too kinky looking for words,' she breathed. Kerri looked pleased.

`Right then,' she said. `Well, we'd better go for the complete look. It'll go down well where we're going.' She sat Martine down in front of the dressing table and began to work on her face.

First, she chose a very white base makeup, which she worked carefully over her entire face, so that Martine thought she resembled a corpse. Next came a brand new set of false eyelashes, so long that they looked like two spiders in Kerri's hand and were impossible to forget when in place, framing the top of her vision every time Martine blinked. Heavy black mascara emphasised them even more and then thick black liner and midnight blue shadow, blended into a paler blue just beneath the eyebrows, created an unmistakable vampire look.

They eyebrows themselves, which had thinned until they appeared to have been plucked, were drawn in and then out to a wider line, reminding Martine of Morticia Addams at the cinema.

`I can't go out looking like this,' she protested. Kerri waved aside her complaint.

`Of course you can,' she assured her. `You'll be the belle of the ball, to use a rather quaint old expression. Now, keep still, whilst I do your lips.'

Once again, Kerri had spared nothing in the cause of kill-or-be-killed. The lipstick was a deep purple and she added a thin line of black around the outer edges, sealing the whole thing with a clear gloss that she assured Martine would see out the night.

`Lois gave it to me,' she said. `It's new from America and it's guaranteed waterproof, wipe proof and kiss proof. Want to test it on me?' Without waiting for an answer, she stooped and kissed Martine full on the mouth. Martine gave a little whimper, but immediately parted her lips to allow Kerri's tongue into her. She gasped, as the heat in her crotch immediately turned itself up several marks.

`Don't!' she gasped, pulling her face away. `Please, Kerri, you've no idea what that does to me!'

`I think I can guess,' Kerri retorted. `Ye gods and little thingies, you can't help yourself, can you? I reckon I should have bought you a chastity belt, just in case.'

`It's not funny,' Martine whined. `I'm turning into some sort of slut and you just joke about it.'

`No, it's not funny,' Kerri agreed. `Actually, it's quite nice, from my point of view, anyway. I seem to have gotten myself a beautiful lesbian lover who I can turn on at the bat of an eyelid. I quite like that idea. Anyway, vampire lady, let's get our jackets and phone a taxi. This place is a late starter, it's true, but time's getting on.'

Martine had only seen the outside of the club before. As Marti, although he had enjoyed dressing up in exotic outfits in the privacy of the flat, he would never have dared venture here, for the galaxy of incredibly dressed people he had often watched going inside were devotees of the extreme fringes of fashion. Kerri's outfit was quite tame by comparison with the average here, but Martine, shorter than when she had been male, but still taller than an average female and elevated several inches by the towering boot heels, caused as big a stir as Kerri had predicted.

On the short drive from the flat, their taxi driver had seemed unable to keep his eyes from the rear view mirror and had actually adjusted it to give himself a better view of his back seat passengers. Kerri had teased him, blatantly.

`Pull over and she'll ride up front with you, if you like,' she had offered. `But go careful, she'll suck the blood from you at the slightest excuse.' The driver had mumbled a refusal, but his eyes still kept returning to the mirror.

Inside the club, the lighting was a work of art and the music system quite incredible. Kerri led the way to the bar and ordered two drinks, at a price Martine thought was extortionate and said as much.

`Don't you worry your pretty little head about that,' Kerri had retorted, almost shouting to be heard above the din. `These'll be the last drinks we buy tonight, unless I'm seriously mistaken. Sure enough, it was only a matter of seconds before the two girls had drawn their first admirers.

They were both in their late twenties, dressed in tight leather trousers, one with an open fronted, blue silk shirt and the other with a cutaway leather vest that showed off powerful shoulders and muscular arms, both of which were heavily tattooed with an incredible display of mythical beings, dragons, serpents, sorcerers, warlocks, witches and elves, among the creatures Martine could readily identify. The man, who identified himself as Carl, noticed Martine's interest.

`Like 'em?' he asked, holding one arm up for closer inspection. Martine nodded. As Marti, the idea of tattoos had never appealed, but now, seeing them on Carl, she appreciated the skill and imagination of the artist.

`They're beautiful,' she said. `Absolutely stunning.'

`But not nearly as stunning as you,' Carl said, his eyes twinkling. `Want to dance?' Before Martine could reply, he had taken her glass from her hand, passed it to Kerri, who was standing with his companion and seized Martine's gloved hand. He turned and looked back at her.

`C'mon, leather lady,' he urged. `Let's do it!' Martine closed her eyes for an instant, drew in a deep breath and followed into the melee that was the dance floor. There was a techno dance remix playing, not the sort of music she would normally have found appealing, but now, suddenly, under the lights and in her exotic new identity, something seemed to take over her mind, the way the mysterious outfit had taken over her body.

Marti had never been a very good dancer, but Martine was breathtaking. Very soon, it became apparent that everyone, especially the males in the crowd, were watching her, hypnotised by her movements the way the music seemed to have hypnotised her. Time no longer had any meaning and, when Carl had to excuse himself in order to go to the toilet, Martine scarcely noticed his departure, for there was instantly a volunteer to take his place and a second volunteer when he had exhausted himself.

Eventually, Carl managed to reclaim her and guided her back towards the bar. Kerri greeted her with a wide grin on her face.

`You seemed to be having a ball out there, young lady,' she teased. Carl was visibly impressed.

`She's incredible,' he said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. `And look at her. All that leather and not a bead of perspiration in sight. Are you sure you're not a real vampire woman, Martine?' He laughed as he said it, but his words sent a chill up Martine's spine, for it was true. Despite the all covering layers of leather and whatever it was the outfit was made from, despite her exertions and despite the heat from the dance floor lights and the surrounding bodies, she felt as cool as if she were standing naked on a fresh spring morning. It wasn't natural.

It wasn't natural at all. It was scary.

She looked at Carl's neck and was relieved to find she was not fighting back any urge to sink her teeth into the lightly tanned flesh. But on the other hand, she was now starting to fight back an urge of a totally different nature and she had to exert all her willpower to tear her gaze off the bulge in the front of his skin-tight trousers.

`I think I need another drink,' she said, turning away. `And then I'm going to dance some more,' she added, biting into her bottom lip to keep the tremor from her voice. Yes, that was it, she thought. Get back on the dance floor. There's safety in numbers. If I stay around Carl much longer, the unthinkable is likely to happen. She nodded to Kerri.

`I need the toilet,' she said. Kerri understood and excused herself, leaving the boys to get their drinks. The two girls pushed through the crowd and made their way to the ladies, but it was to crowded to talk without being overheard. Kerri, who clearly knew her way about the place quite well, led the way through to a back passageway, where a small office stood just before a fire exit. She knocked on the door and shortly, a balding fellow in his mid thirties stuck his head out.

`Oh, hi,' he said, apparently recognising Kerri. `And what can I do for you, my sweet?'

`My friend's feeling a little faint,' Kerri told him. `I wondered if you could let us through to the back yard for a few minutes, just so she can have some air.' The man nodded, opened the door wider and stood aside.

`Use the door in the inner office,' he said. `If anyone opens the fire exits, it triggers an alarm and you'll have the area swarming with bouncers.'

Outside, the night air was cool, though it scarcely seemed to make any difference to Martine. The yard was deserted, with just a few stacks of empty crates and several empty beer barrels. Martine tottered across and parked herself on the nearest barrel. Kerri followed and perched on the next one to it.

`What's the matter?' she asked. `Feeling a bit woozy after all that effort?' Martine shook her head.

`No, though I should be. I feel absolutely fit as a flea and I've never had so much energy in my life. It's not natural. This - this thing is still doing things to me. I even started wondering if Carl's quip about vampires might not be nearer the mark than he thought.'

`And is it? You don't fancy sucking his blood?' Kerri laughed. Martine shook her head, miserably.

`No, it's not his blood I fancy,' she groaned. `It's him.'

`What, you fancy Carl?'

`I think it's worse than that, actually,' Martine sobbed. `My panties are soaking wet and I feel like I'm on fire down there,' she said. `If that's what you call fancying, then yes, I do, but it's worse than that. I don't just fancy him, I'm starting to ache for him. It's not love, or any other fancy name, just sheer, unadulterated lust.

`This body of mine needs satisfying. The idea of going with a man leaves me cold, in most ways, but that's only up here.' She tapped her forehead. `Down there, however, it's a different matter and right now down there is winning.'

`You mean you want to have sex with Carl?' Kerri's eyebrows could not have risen any further if they had tried. Martine looked desperate.

`I don't want sex with Carl,' she said. `I need sex with him. And probably it needn't be him. Any man would do - any prick would do, for that matter. Oh god, this is so awful.' Tears welled up in her eyes and she looked away. `Take me home, Kerri, please. Take me out of here now, before I give someone the fucking of their lifetime and regret it for the rest of mine!"
To be continued.........

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