Cheerleaders Abduction Chapter 3  

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Cheerleaders Abduction Chapter 3

Pat continues his adventures

The girls were all huddled close together under the blanket when I came downstairs "Hello my pets." The girl Emily started whimpering, and Tara stood up screaming. "What are you doing to us? Where is June, you can't keep us like this!" "You're right Tara, I have such better plans for you. Look at all this empty space." I spread my arms to the 1500 sq ft of unfinished basement. "You are all now my slaves, and I'm going to build my own little dungeon to house you, just be patient." "You fucking pervert, you can't do this to us, let us go!" I just smiled at her; I think it infuriated her even more. She grabbed the fenced door and tried to shake it open. I started toward the door, Tara took a step or two back. Her eyes were locked on me as I undid the lock.” Come here slut!" She didn't move, but she couldn't have expected that I could pounce so fast. I had her by the arm, then took a clump full or hair in my hand and tugged her out of the kennel screeching. She tried to punch me, but I was easily able to overpower her. I threw her down on the ground outside the kennel then locked the other girls inside. Tara, with venom in her eyes came at me. She didn't see the cattle prod till the last second when I forced it into her belly and pulled the trigger. She collapsed instantly on the floor, writhing in pain. I was on her in a second; I got her over onto her stomach and wrapped her wrists in duct tape. "How do you like that cunt?" I rolled her over onto her back and slapped her hard across the face a couple times. She was still blubbering in pain from the jolt. Looking in her eyes I saw shock, I don't think the little spoiled rich bitch had ever been told no. I lifted Tara up by the back of her neck and pressed her face against the kennel where her friends were. "Tara has volunteered to teach you what will happen if you defy me!" Tara was still stunned with the effects of the tazer, and the other girls were babbling, cowering as far back as they could in the cage. I dropped Tara on the floor, I knew she couldn't go anyplace with her wrists bound and the door to the basement shut. I headed up into my workshop; it was a mixture of an automotive garage, and woodworking shop. Soon enough I'd be using the shop a lot, building my fair share of apparatuses to play with the girls on. I first went for my hunting knife; Tara wasn't going to get the option of stripping for me. In the shop I found an old radiator fan belt, but better still, I found this old metal workhorse my dad had made, it must have weighed damn near 100 lbs, if not more. It looked like any workhorse, but it was metal, pop had welded the thing up years ago. When I saw it there in the corner, I knew it would be perfect. The girls were sobbing as I carried my toys back down into the basement. I kicked Tara in the gut as I walked past her. "Get to your knees you whore!" I set the workhorse down in front of the kennel; I wanted the other girls to see it all. I tossed the rest of the crap on the floor and then grabbed Tara by the hair. "Get the fuck up cunt!" She screamed as I dragged her to her feet by the scalp. When I had her upright I bellowed at her more. "You'd better fucking stand still!" I slid my hunting knife up under Tara's hip and the elastic band on her panties. I'm a fanatic about sharp blades, so the metal cut easily through her panties, and her skirt. I could hear her wallowing in terror. The blade cut as easily through the other side as it did the first, her little outfit fell to the floor; I could see the small patch of trimmed pussy hair. Cutting away Tara's vest and shirt was even easier. I cut away the fabric leaving here there only in her bra. "Are you ready to show me your tits you slut?" I had to hold Tara up by the elbows, her knees threatened to buckle at any moment. "Hold still cunt, I wouldn't want to cut you, yet." Tara yelped as I brought the blade up under her sports bra. I moved slowly, more to agonize her than anything. She was naked in no time and I let go of her elbow. "Push out those tits, show your friends!" Tara was balling like a child. "Get on your knees slut!" Tara fell awkwardly to her knees. I took the fan belt and looped it around her neck. I twisted it so it contracted and closed down on her flesh. I could hear her gasping as it constricted her airway. "Want me to choke you right now whore!" I watched Tara's face go red. I heard the girls in the kennel start begging me to stop. They went suddenly silent as I turned back to glare at them, all three moved away from the door. I had no intent to choke Tara though and let the belt come free. I could hear her take in deep breaths. "No, I'm not going to choke you, I'm going to whip your ass bitch, maybe it'll teach you to behave a little better." I took the belt from Tara's neck and got behind where she knelt. I picked up some alligator clips I'd found out in the garage. I pinched the ends and opened the serrated jaws. Tara's body started to shudder and she tried to crawl away, but I grabbed her around the neck and pulled her to me. I pinched her right nipple till it went hard. "I told you to behave and I'd be good to you." Tara screamed as I closed the sharp metal teeth shut on her nipple. She tried to twist her torso thinking it would knock the clip off, but I knew it would hold. "Hold still slut!" I grabbed for her other nipple. "God, please, no!" Tara screamed, spittle shot from her mouth as I closed the second clip on her other nipple. I let her scream long and hard as I picked up my knife. I don't know what she thought I was going to do, but her body was shaking like a leaf. I cut the duct tape away from her wrists. "Bend over the workhorse slut. Grasp the corners with your hands!" The alligator clips looked gorgeous on her tits, I love the way they sparkled in the light. "I said bend over the work horse!" Tara was a blubbering child as she bellied up to the metal frame, it was the perfect height, the horizontal bar came to her belly, and when she bent over, it was perfect. Her cute little ass was up in the air, and when I taped her legs to the corners, it would spread her pussy nicely. I knelt down and held her right wrist to the post; I wrapped duct tape around her arm till it was pinned to the metal pole. "Please, please, stop this!" I was mere inches from her face, tears dripped from her chin. "You had your chance slut!" I wrapped her other wrist with tape and then started on her ankles. Once I had the tape around her legs she was posed perfectly, her legs were spread; her toes were barely in contact with the ground. Even though Tara fought against the frame like mad, it barely budged. "Please, Please…" Tara continued to beg between spasms of tears. My dick was aching. I picked up the radiator belt from the floor. I moved full circle around her, I knew she could see the hard black rubber in my hand. I turned to the girls in the kennel; I tried to cover my excitement so I could give my little speech. "I'm keeping you all as my slaves. I expect you to obey my every command, I expect, and demand, that you do whatever I say. I'm going to give you just a little sample of how I will handle disobedience." I laid my hand on Tara's ass; I could feel her muscles contract and twitch under my touch. "I want you all to fucking count how many times I whip Tara, I want to hear your voices loud and clear, otherwise I'll start over until you learn to follow directions." I twisted my body in a flash and used all my strength to bring the belt down on Tara's ass. The sound was incredible, it ripped through the basement like a bolt of lightning, and then I heard Tara scream. Her head arched up as the radiator belt recoiled from her flesh. "I didn't hear you!" I yelled at the caged girls as I brought the belt down again on Tara's body, I hit almost the exact same spot again. Already a deep red welt had formed on her skin and I heard the girl's in the cage scream out two. "Think again." I turned and smiled at the girls in the kennel. "This is number two." I brought the belt down as hard as I could on the back of Tara's thighs. The metal workhorse clanked off the ground maybe an inch as Tara's whole body bucked. Her scream pierced the room. Again and again I brought the belt down on Tara's body, the red welts formed almost immediately and crisscrossed her thighs and ass. The girls in the cage screamed out the count, but I didn't care how many times I whipped Tara. I'd given my lesson, and I was having fun whipping her body. Tara's head went limp after my last blow and I figured that was enough. I dropped my sweat pants and bellied up behind the bent, unconscious, girl. As I slammed my dick forward into her tight pussy and she came to. At first I'm not sure she grasped what was going on, her mind was clouded with pain, but quickly enough I knew she felt my dick to the hilt in her snatch. "God you've got a tight pussy too!" I roared with lust as I felt my dick encased by Tara's tight cunt. I grabbed her by the hair and arched her head up. I pounded into her body like a jackhammer. The metal frame clanged forward with each crushing thrust. My body was filled with adrenaline, and like June the night before, I wanted to batter Tara's pussy with my prick. "I'm going to cum in your pussy slut. I'm going to fill you with my sperm!" Tara started screaming when she felt my warm spunk flooding into her belly. In spite of the pain, I knew it was the abject humiliation she felt me pumping her full that made her bellow. "That's it, milk my cock, squeeze me tight!" I let go of Tara's hair and collapsed on her body, my prick still impaled in her snatch. It took a few minutes for me to catch my breath again. As I slid my cock from her tight, warm pussy and I was in heaven. I started moving slowly toward the kennel door. "Get over here Lisa." Her body was trembling as she shuffled toward the door. I undid the lock and had her come outside.” Get on your knees!" I pointed to the floor in front of me "Clean my dick slave!" The tears streamed down her cheeks. Tara was wailing still, bent over the workhorse, my cum filling her pussy. I grabbed the back of Lisa's head, my dick was covered in cum and Tara's slime. I forced the length of my shaft into Lisa's mouth, I heard her gag as I slammed my prick in, I could feel her tongue and throat convulse at the intrusion. I closed my eyes and arched my head back, groaning as I made Lisa suck my cock."Lick me clean, lick all my cum and Tara's juices from my prick." I loved the way Lisa, in her terror, swabbed her tongue over my cock. I was almost ready to cum again as she licked me clean. "That's good slut." I pushed her back so she fell on the floor. I walked over to where Tara was bent on the frame crying. I bent down and grabbed the alligator clips and squeezed them open, I took them from her breasts. There was a bit of a delayed reaction, and then she started screaming as the blood flowed back into her nipples. I massaged her tits between my fingers, making her feel every ounce of pain. I stood straight up and loomed over Lisa; she was still on the floor, too afraid to move. "As I said, if you behave, I'll treat you well, if not, I'll do whatever I need to do to make you learn." I grabbed Lisa by the arm and lifted her upright. I took out my knife and cut the tape off Tara's wrists and ankles. "Take your friend to the bathroom, I think there is some ointment in there." Lisa helped the weak legged Tara into the bathroom. "Get over here Emily." I opened the kennel door, she was sobbing. Jaime watched my every move. "So tell me Emily, how old are you?" "I…I….I'm 17 sir." "So, have you ever had sex?" I could see her trembling, her whole body convulsed. "N…no…no sir." I smiled at her. "Good, why don't you ease those panties down so I can see that little pussy of yours." Her body started to tremble even more, the tears fell down her face and she stared up at me with those big blue eyes. "Please…" "Emily, have you already forgotten about Tara?" She started sniffling and moved her hands reluctantly to the waist band of her panties. She looked up at me for approval, or maybe one last desperate plea. "Come on Emily, get those panties down around your ankles and spread your legs." Her knees were shaking so bad I thought they'd buckle. After she had her panties down, she held up her little skirt so I could see. She had a cute little patch of red hair neatly trimmed. "Why don't you spread those cunt lips for me Emily." I could see her cringe, but she didn't hesitate. She had nice long fingers, with a fresh coat of nail polish, though her nails were short. Emily spread her labia for me, showing the pink of her pussy. "Do you want me to feel?" She started crying harder, she tried to respond, but couldn't. I put my index finger in between her spread lips, I could see her hands trembling as I ran my fingers along the length of her pink snatch. "That's a nice little pussy Emily, can you squeeze my finger?" I thought she was going to lose it. "Please…" There was such desperation in her plea. "Okay." I pulled my finger from her body. "You can pull up your panties, get back in the kennel." Emily quickly pulled up her drawers and ran back into the cage. Jaime had her arms opened wide and hugged Emily tight as I locked the kennel door. "Are you two starting to understand what I expect of you?" Emily was still held firm in Jaime’s arms. "Yes Sir." "Good." I turned and headed toward the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom without knocking. "Go to your cage Lisa. Kneel at the door and wait for me. Don't think about being a heroic fool, just do it." Lisa got to her feet and skirted as far away from me as possible as she scurried out the door. Tara was lying on her stomach; Lisa had done a good job of spreading balm on the welts. I knelt next to Tara and grabbed a clump of hair. I didn't twist it hard, but enough so she had to look up at me. "You've got a nice pussy, too bad I wasn't the first." She just stared into my eyes; I could see the fear I now instilled in her. "I would hate to do more damage to that body of yours." I reached out and pinched her nipple, eliciting a yelp of pain. I could clearly see the markings of the alligator clip on her flesh. "Do you understand what I expect of you?" She nodded softly; I saw a tear run down her cheek."I expect complete and utter obedience. Don't fuck with me. You are my slave now, when I say to get on your back and spread your legs so I can fuck you, I want you to do it without thinking, then I want you to wrap your legs around my back and fuck me back so I cum harder, understand!" I arched her head back and clamped my mouth on hers, forcing my tongue in her so she felt completely used. I loved the feeling of power. I let go of Tara's head and stood up. "I want you to go back to your kennel, if you behave I'll get you something to wear." Tara struggled to her feet, I knew her body ached. I moved slowly behind her, watching the red lines on her ass and thighs wistfully. She fell to her knees next to Lisa. "Is anybody hungry?" I heard a soft chorus of yes's. I opened the kennel door and let Lisa and Tara inside. "Come over here Emily, you're going to help me make lunch." Emily was precious, she whimpered and tried to hold onto Jaime, but she'd already learned not to screw with me and she came toward me like any good pet. I locked the door behind her leaving the other girls in silence. I followed Emily up the stairs, her cute butt enticing me on. When we got into the kitchen I could see her whole body twitching in fear. "So you understand to behave Emily, right? I'm trusting you now, and if you violate my trust, I'll have to punish you, and you wouldn't want that, now would you?" She really did have lovely eyes. "No sir." She even cast down her eyes when she responded, it was so cute. I moved toward her, she backed away till her hips bumped into the counter. "You know I'm going to fuck you one of these days, don't you?" She didn't respond. "Why don't take off your top so I can see your tits." She started crying again, though I don't think the tears had ever gone that far below the surface. "Come on Emily, be a good girl and show me your breasts." I didn't think she could do it, but the fear must have driven her on.It wasn't much of a striptease, but I still enjoyed it. She tried to cover her breasts with her hands after she'd taken off her top, and she had the most gorgeous flat belly. "Put your hands to your side Emily." Her breasts weren't huge, but they were so perky, her pink nipples were hard as rocks as she stood there before me. She tried to move away from me, but I cornered her at the counter. I clamped my hands on those beautiful, youthful, tits. I held her nipples between my fingers and pulled gently. Her skin was so soft and pliable. I love the feel of her flesh in my hands. "God I can't wait to fuck you Emily." She was whimpering softly and I let go of her breasts.” I guess we should make up some food, don't you think?" Emily nodded and went for her top. "No, no, you're so cute like that, and I have an idea." I dug through the drawer and pulled out a pair of wooden clothespins. "Let's try these out." I closed the first wooden pin so the long side was against her chest. Emily let out a little cry as the first pin's spring closed on her nipple. Then I did the next and stood back. "That is so fucking cute Emily!" I knew she didn't feel the same, but it didn't really matter. We spent the next 20 minutes putting together an assortment of sandwiches and fruit for the girls. "June is down the hall." I pointed in the direction of her room. "It's on the left, why don't you take this sandwich and drink to her, but I don't want you to talk to her, understand?" Emily nodded and headed down the hall. I knew she was embarrassed as hell being naked above the waist and having the clothespins on her tits. I had big plans for the two of them, June and Emily, I couldn't wait to get them on the bed together and have them eat the other out. They were both so cute and shy, and I knew neither would like it, at least at first. I waited for Emily to come back; I still had so much to do. My cute little girl came into the kitchen, she didn't look too happy. "Good girl." I reached my hand out and ran my fingers over her belly, instinctively she recoiled. I could feel her stomach muscles convulse. "Why don't you take the rest of the food down to your friends." I could see her trembling. I helped her grab one of the plates and I'd got an old T-shirt for Tara to wear. Emily moved with infinite slowness down the stairs. I knew she didn't want her friends to see her like this. I still couldn't believe my luck, 5 gorgeous young teenagers had fallen into my lap. The girls were huddled in the corner of the kennel, wrapped in the blanket. "Meal time." I opened the door for Emily to go inside. Without speaking she handed out the food. I loved the way she moved; there was a timidness that I knew was brought on by shame. There she was, naked from the waist up with clothespins clipped to her tits. Emily rushed back to my side as soon as she'd passed out the food. "If you girls promise to be good, I'll leave the cage door open, then you can use the bathroom." I knew they couldn't go anyplace anyway, the way the basement was set up there were locking doors between the kennels and the stairway. "Will you behave?" The girls nodded. "Okay." I tossed the old shirt to Tara and then grabbed Emily by the arm and lead her upstairs, making sure the doors were locked. I let Emily eat her meal and use the bathroom. I waited patiently, watching her eat her food. It was obvious she was self-conscious with me looking at her, but I loved looking at her body, and those little clothespins on her tits, I have to say it turned me on. When she was done eating I took Emily straight to the den and got on the computer, we had so many toys to order. "Why don't you take off those panties?" I was seated in my chair; Emily was a few feet in front of me. Her hands were trembling so much I didn't think she'd be able to get out of her shorts. I'm sure she could see the bulge in my sweats, and I think she thought I was going to fuck her. "Come on Emily." Her stomach twitched as she slid the little skirt and panties down around her ankles. "God you're such a cute thing. Come here, sit on my lap." I could hear her sniffle as she sat on my thighs, her knees off to the side. "No, straddle my leg." I made her swing her leg over my thigh so sat astride me, her pelvis on my upper leg. "Good girl." I reached around her body and up between her legs, I started playing with her clit. I could feel her body jerk as I touched her love bud. She was whimpering as I touched her. "Grind those hips babe. Do you want me to make you cum?" She didn't answer. I moved my free hand to her left breast and opened the clothespin. "Ouch." It was so cute, her sweet little voice. I worked her nipple as the blood flowed back in. "Tell me Emily, have you ever let the boys play with your tits, they're so nice." She didn't reply. I opened the other clip and let the blood flow back into her nipple. "We've got work to do." I brought up the net and did a quick search for sex toys. There were tons of pages. "Look at all these links Emily, do you have a favourite? Have you ever bought a dildo for yourself?" I wanted to embarrass her. I leaned in close so my chest was against her back. I found a page that looked good and started flipping through the categories. "We need some whips, don't you think?" I started adding just about everything to the shopping cart, crops, paddles, I was indiscriminate.” Look at that flogger Emily, I bet you can't wait till I use that on your tits, can you?" I grabbed her breast and started playing with it. "Give me your hand." I grabbed her left hand and pulled it behind her. "Rub my dick." I put her hand on my cock, she didn't want to, that was obvious, and she started moving fast. "Move slow, don't make me cum in my pants." I could barely concentrate on the screen; even through the fabric I loved the feel of her soft hand on my dick. I made Emily lead us through the webpage looking for more toys, gags, vibrators, dildos, leather, it didn't matter, I pretty much bought one of everything. I loved the nipple clamps I saw on the screen, clovers, weighted ones; I couldn't wait for the shipment to arrive. I couldn't wait to use them all on the girls' bodies. "That's enough." I made Emily stop rubbing my cock, I was going to blow. I couldn't decide if I wanted to have her suck me off, or let the fearful anticipation continue to build in her. "Get on your back!" I pushed her off my lap and onto the floor. I dropped my sweats and fell on top of her, straddling her hips. "Jack me off, I want to cum on your tits." I could see her eyes go wide with shock. She didn't move so I grabbed her hand and made her circle her fingers around my prick. I held her hand in mine and started moving her up and down over my cock. I closed my eyes and bellowed, as I was ready to blow. "Faster!" I made her jack me off harder; I was just about to cum. Her soft hand on my cock felt so good. "AAAAAHHHHHHH." My prick jerked and I shot my cum over her body. I could hear Emily whine as a long line of white sticky sperm shot over her belly, up onto her tits, and over her neck. "AHHHHH." My prick kept shooting, dribbling cum over her body; I made her hold me tight. "God that felt good." I made her squeeze the last few drops from the head of my prick as I continued to savour the orgasm. "Get on your knees." I could see the revulsion in her eyes when she saw the streaks of cum that ran over her torso. "Lick me clean." Her eyes went wide. "Wha…I c….Please…" I grabbed the back of her head and drew her mouth near my prick. "I said lick me clean." Reluctantly Emily stuck out her tongue; she eased it toward the head of my cock like a timid kid dared to lick a 9-volt battery on a dare. "Come on." I could feel the strain in her neck muscles as I brought her tongue into contact with my manhood. "Lick me up!" In the midst of choking back the tears Emily ran her tongue over the head of my cock."That feels so good, good girl, keep it up." I loved the feel of her soft, moist, tongue on me. I was already feeling ready to cum again. I made Emily clean me for a good five minutes. It was a joy to see her suffer through the humiliation, her tongue weaving over my still hard cock. I even made her take my balls into her mouth, god it was incredible. I let go of the back of Emily's head. "Just wait till I start fucking that little pussy of yours, then we'll have a really good time." I loved the way she looked down at the cum that streaked her torso. I knew she wanted to get into the foetal position and cry. "Come on, let’s get you cleaned up." I grabbed Emily by the arm and got her to her feet. I think she thought I was going to take her to the bathroom, but instead I led her down the hall to where June was. We walked in without knocking. June was on her back, her legs spread wide, and reluctantly pushing the dildo in and out of her cunt. She wasn't putting much effort into the act, and I knew when I watched the tape with her later we'd have something to discuss, but there were other needs at the moment. The look of horror in both girl's eyes was precious, June completely humiliated at being caught masturbating, and Emily at seeing her friend with the big black dildo stuffed in her twat. I pushed Emily toward the bed. "Get on your back." June sat up; she started pulling the fake dick from her pussy. "No, leave it in, push it deeper and clean the cum off Emily." I think for the first time June saw my cum in lines on her friends chest and tits. I made sure to stay out of the line of the camera; I knew I'd love to see the scene later, when I made June watch it again with me. I moved close to the bed, I reached between June's legs and pushed the dildo as far in as it would go. She yelped as the wide shaft filled her. "That's better. Clean up Emily, lick all that cum up. We wouldn't want it to go to waste, would we?" Emily lay absolute still on the bed. I knew she felt completely degraded. I don't know how close of friends she and June were, but I'm sure neither could have ever imagined this level of contact. The chain attached to June's collar jingled as she inched toward Emily's body. She kept looking at me, as if I would grant a reprieve. I needed only to nod my head in her direction and she got over Emily's body. June started at Emily's belly, I watched in sadistic glory as her tongue darted over Emily's flat stomach. I loved the way Emily grabbed the linens in her hands and balled them in her fists. Her stomach twitched, her muscles rippled like waves on the sea. June was utilitarian in her cleaning efforts, though I knew she was filled with revulsion. She moved up Emily's body licking the drops and lines of cum. I could hear Emily crying louder as June's tongue moved towards her breasts. With the way her body reacted though, I knew the sensations were intense. Emily arched her head up to look when June ran her tongue over her breasts. "June." Her head jerked up from her work and looked at me. "Make sure her nipples are clean and sucked dry." I knew there was no cum plastered on Emily's nipples, but I wanted June to give them some attention. In spite of the fact that June wasn't trying to make the scene erotic, it was to me. They almost looked like a pair of lovers, coupled on the bed. "June, why don't you give Emily a kiss, if there is any cum left in your mouth, give her a taste." June looked up at me with those sweet hazel eyes; I knew she wanted to cry. It had already been humiliating enough to lick her friend clean, and now I was making her give Emily an open mouth kiss. "She hasn't tasted my cum yet, I wouldn't want you to have all the fun." June pushed the hair off Emily's face and planted a kiss on her friend's lips. Emily tugged hard on the linens as June drove her tongue into her mouth. I had to rub my dick through my sweats, I wanted to cum bad again, but I needed to hold off till later, when I came back to watch the video with June. "Okay girls." They unlocked mouths willingly. "Good job June." I grabbed for Emily's wrist and helped her off the bed. "I'll let you get back to masturbating. By the way, how's that been going?" I didn't care, or even want her to respond, I just wanted to see her blush in shame because I'd said it in front of Emily. I slammed the door shut with June staring up at me from the bed, the black dildo still jutting from her pussy. I'd be very curious to see the tape later. I stopped in my room and got Emily a long T-Shirt to put on, even in that she was hot. I took her back into the basement to be with her friends. I knew they'd ask her if I fucked her, and I knew even though I didn't, it would probably be more humiliating for her to have to recount the tale of what had actually happened, me cumming on her tits and then having June clean it up. When I got back upstairs it dawned on me how exhausted I was. I'd had a busy 24 hours, hell, it all seemed a blur when I thought back on it, though my dick had a clear memory of the two tight little pussies I'd fucked. I decided on a nap, I was tempted to lay down with June, but I didn't want to take her away from the torment I'd set upon her. I loved the idea of her staring at the clock, agonizing over the minutes till she had to masturbate for the camera again. My dick was still hard when I lay down. Usually I got to sleep easily, but with all my new pets on my mind it was hard. I still couldn't believe my luck. Finally I just had to let the image of my girls ease me off to sleep.

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Dude, I wish could read that, but too hard on the eyes. Paragraphs man! Paragraphs! My eyes need something to break up the pattern. Don't care if the breaks are in the 'right' spot, but need something in there besides all the letters, please!

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