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5/22/2006 10:56 am
every nite

a little one on why i'm tendrluvr. We are curled up on the sofa listening to some music on the stereo with a candle glowing across the room, i reach my hand for your cheek with just a finger i turn your head to face me and lean forward our lips barely brush against one another but a shock of electricity hits us as we barely kiss, i stand and take you by the hand and help you up from the sofa we then head upstairs once in our room i turn to face you again, i reach around to the small of your back and pull you close to me again we kiss this time yo can feel the passion building between us i break the kiss and move my lips to the side of your neck, you can feel my hot breath on your neck as you tilt your head to one side i softly kiss your neck and give it a little nibble you moan all so softly i then move to the other side and do the same i can see the goose bumps beginning to form, and again to go back and kiss your lips, i then sit on the edge of the bed and lift the edge of your shirt exposing your belly to me i lean forward and kiss you stomach so softly you can barely feel it now you are running your hands though my hair, placing my hands on your sides i slowly start to stand lifting your shirt as i go, my fingertips barely touching your soft skin as i do this you start to shudder from my touch enlarging the goose bumps you already have, you lift your arms and off goes your shirt, once again i go back to softly kiss your full lips i pull you tighter into my arms as passion builds as we part our lips and our tongues begin a dance of their own as they entwine just as we will do, reaching back i unfasten your bra it slips from your shoulders and falls to the floori raise my hands from your side to tenderly cup carress your breast breaking our kiss i bend over slightly cupping your breast in my hands i lift it ever so slightly and begin to trace circles around the arealobe you reach behind my head with one hand cupping the back of my neck and pulling me closer i open my mouth to take your nipple into it i begin to run my tongue all over it before sucking on it and pulling on it with my mouth until it pops free from my lips enlarged and sticking straight out then i move to the other side to do the same until both of your breast are at attention i then start to move down your belly until i reach the edge of your pants i unfasten them and slide them down your legs until they rest at your ankles then i press my mouth against your panties, you can feel my breath though them onto your lips the heat builds you can feel the wetness begin to start reaching for the edge of your panties i lightly kiss your soft skin again before pulling them down to your ankles, i now lower you to the bed so i can take them the rest of the way off once they are free from you i lift one of your legs and kiss your ankle, slowly i start up your leg running my tongue along the way stopping every once in awhile to kiss and nibble on your leg this only adds to your pleasure the excitement builds as your anticipation of what yu know is to follow heightens, slowly i raise up leg you grab one of your own breast now and start to squeeze and pull on your nipple i finally get to your cunt your aroama fills the air you place you one leg over my shoulder and the other one you pukk up onto the bed spreading them so as to give me full access to your love box i can see you are aroused your lips are full and red, i can see your juices plainly now, i stop a second before i begin to run my tongue around the outside of your cunt lips not touching them just yet only the soft skin in the crease of your legs and then along the top of your muff and back along the crease on the other side i keep this up for awhile until you can't take it any more and you beg me to eat your cunt, i look up at you with a smile using my hand i part your lips and drive my tongue into the sweet caverns of your cunt you arch your back at the sudden pleasure, i continue to drive my tongue in and out of your tight pussy, then i move onto your clit its nice and pink sitting there enlarged waiting for it turn, my attention turns to it as i lightly drag my teeth across it before sucking it into my mouth, i begin to suck, nibble, and pull on your clit sending shock waves thoughout your body you start to moan, i release your clit from between my lips only to firmly press my tongue against it and start to lap at it, meanwhile i slip first one finger into your cunt then 2 i'm moving them in and out the whole time my tongue works overtime on your clit with both hands you grab the back of my head and start to fuck my face while bouncing up and down om my fingers buried deep into you you let out a scream an all to fimillar one just as your body tences up and you start to have convulsions you juices really start to flow now flooding my face and dripping from my fingers wave after wave overcum you you are begging me never to stop, don't stop don't stop please don't ever stop, your legs twitching uncontrolablly, god you say, it never felt so go orgasm after argasm overtake you you can't believe how much you've cum, you lose count wondering if it will ever end and hoping it never does, finally you drop your arms at your sides exualsted legs still twitching i break free from you, standing i remove my pants hes already at attention but still you can't help yourself as you reach for him and run your fingers along his length as you pull him into you guilding him to your awaiting pussy, i drag him up and down your pouting lips your juices still running from your cunt down your crack until it reaches your ass, i'm rubbing those juices all over him finally i place him at the opening of your love canal easing forward he parts your cunt lips you look up at me begging me to be easy she is so sensitive now i start to slowly inch my way forward your eyes roll back into your head inch by inch i penetrate youuntil finally my balls rest hanging at your ass, your eyes come forward again you look up at me as i pause there to enjoy the moment i can feel you muscles still flinching inside of you, i begin to pull out as you now place your legs around my ass to hold me in place so as not to let me pull free we start a slow rymth, easing in and out of you i can feel your hot cunt lips wrapped around my engorfed tool, i begin to pick up to the pace, moving one hand down to your exposed clit i use my thumb and forfinger to massage it pressing firmly against it as my pace quickens faster and faster i pound into your eager cunt again you scream out from the intense pleasure you are feeling i'm gonna cum you scream my balls tighten from the excitment suudenly you lock your legs around me pulling me tightly into so i can't move at all you tell me you want to feel me cum inside you you want me to cum with you i can now feel your cunt musles tightening and releasing around him as yet another orgasm hits you the pleasure i'm feeling is more than i can handle loosing all control i explode with such a force it brings on yet another moan from you along with a surprised look together we are cumming both of us twitching finally we begin to subside you release your grip on me and i start to slowly work my way in and out of you again, still pumping my nectar deep inside of you, until i finally spent pop free from your pussy i let you lay there awhile as i watch your legs still twitch before helping you up so we can take a shower together you hold on to me tightly your legs still feel ever so wobbly as me move into the shower.

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